1. For songs I do such edgy ones. I had a Sim write a pipe organ song called the Song of Blood, what's wrong with me 🗿🗿

  2. I don't defend it as much. I've given them my money. Now I just play it because I enjoy it.

  3. As much as I like the premise of this sub - I see many people generalising Europeans and Brits. Obviously Americans get generalised a whole lot but Europeans aren't a monolith lol. I also saw what I assumed was an American person here complaining about America hate whilst saying "f the Brits" 🗿

  4. It's one of my favourite sets of films ever. I love it as much as the older films, especially Dominion. I saw it in the cinema the day it came out, and was having an adrenaline rush the whole time.

  5. Rat bit my vagina after a shaving accident. Had underwear on, still hurt, Can confirm

  6. Just as healthy as sitting on your ass all day every day like the average Redditor right?

  7. hey😩do👀you🗿have🍍a😨moment🕒to❇️talk🗣about🔄our👺lord👑and📦saviour🦷dionysus🍇

  8. Useless dinosaur nerd fact! Noah's Arc was just one metre longer than T. rex.

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