1. Because they are fixing them and improving them, would you rather they didn’t?

  2. It just annoying ss my Internet is very slow

  3. Imagine how much more you’d be annoyed if your apps stopped working because they didn’t maintain them.

  4. Not my proudest moment but I spat on some gobby kid who was intentionally blocking me on the pavement asking what was in my shopping bags recently, he quickly fucked off.

  5. There are many respectful children you can focus on, but instead you've decided to make the conscious effort to focus on the disrespectful brats. What's going on is when adults are too cowardly to stand up to the disrespectful adults that undermine their autonomy, they take their cowardly frustration on children. Children do not have any power to affect your life. They can't deport you if they're feeling racist that day. I would be far more concerned about disrespectful older people. If you still think obsessing with disrespectful children is somehow appropriate then you honestly deserve when disrespectful adults with far more social power affect your life。Call the police if your personal safety is at risk regardless of the age of the person who is doing it.

  6. I didn't come to this country illegally to be deported. Also, i am not obsessing, i asked a question as i have not seen this behaviour in other countries. By disrespectful i meant spitting, cursing, not letting people pass and similar behaviour. Never came across an adult who behaved that way.

  7. So you need to only be using 60-70 pounds thats about 15% by the time your statement hits. So if you use 300 pounds n pay it off, then use 200 more pounds and pay it off before the statement your good. Just at the time of the statement your balance needs to be 60-70 pounds.

  8. Doing this and making payments will have your score rocketing. (20-30 points) In 2 yrs I went from no credit to a 800. My limit also was only a $300 then $500. If you want a larger limit you have to just keep buying more than your limit and paying it off.

  9. Ill try this, thank you for your recommendation!

  10. I am also interested because there are many resources on the subject, different schools of thought and I would like to be guided spiritually in this quest too 🧘🏻‍♂️

  11. I saw some Buddhist monks today and heard them talk to people about buddism for a little bit so it sparked my interest

  12. Just in general , i saw she fights a lot

  13. Really bad framing of a question. I hope it’s inadvertent. But because you know enough to frame this question, you probably know that Orthodox Christians and Catholics are in fact Christian. Yes there are differing interpretations on biblical teachings and therefore belief systems. Faith and good works. What happens with the “unlearned”. What is the roles of the Roman Prelate, if any. Is communion truly the body and blood or a symbolic gesture. What is meant by being born again. Etc. But come on, the framing of this question seems more than just surface prejudice against non-Protestant Christians.

  14. Hi, i am not a religious person. I was baptised but thats all I know. I do not follow any religious and dont know what is a Protestants either. So no prejudice from my side

  15. If you live in certain parts of the US, people use "Christian" to refer specifically to protestant Christians. This implicitly frames Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and other branches of Christianity as less-than-Christian, which to my mind is the point. I don't think individuals who use that terminology necessarily mean it that way - it's just the language they're raised with - but it's confusing as hell.

  16. I was also wondering what do they do differently from each other?

  17. This is amazing actually! Rhank you so much

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