1. more puzzles, obviously! ask her what brands she likes and what brands she hates- go from there

  2. just to be annoying, its one of the reasons my kids hated that brand and I wont buy it anymore.

  3. Most of CoHo books are quick reads and I generally finish them in a couple hours.

  4. Mythology is IMPORTANT, research papers are done with notecards, FUCK YOU

  5. no one needs to know everything i do or where im at.

  6. If kate did any planning she would BUY (yes spend her own money) proper hair products for the girls. There are specific products for 'pool/beach' hair. Its costs MONEY. Trust me, I have girls and we have a pool. It takes TIME at night to shower, wash the hair, detangle etc. Kate does not have that amount of patience and HER MONEY!!!. Its easier FOR KATE to plop her toddler down and let someone else french braid them for the week.

  7. I would put her back on cash pay at this point. Have the discussion that shes not paying as agreed, and she can pay at each session, cash or HSA/FSA. I have clients who pay cash each session, they know to bring the money and its not a problem, other clients I have a card on file and run those in the am. My cash clients choose that method for reasons and I dont mind, they always bring the funds and the amount is always correct.

  8. I have clients I see 2x a week and client I see 1x a week. Of course its easier to drop down to 1x a week than go to 2x a week. If you want 2x a week you could have a long wait until a spot opens up. Thats about all I can offer. I do take my own call and answer emails/texts after hours.

  9. She said it’s because they were premies and therefore had a sesitive immune system. I remember reading that a rift with her family started because of this, that her parents’ church got together lots of items to donate to them and she threw them out or otherwise got rid of them if

  10. then she obviously didnt 'need' things that badly. I also remember on one of the yard sale episodes she was selling what was obviously donations from baby bath soaps no one has an entire table of baby bath items. Kate, now I'm sure there is a womens/childrens shelter that would greatly appreciate those items but yet you are selling them? your own donations. And I'm willing to get the 'snack bags' the older girls were selling were also made with donated snack items.

  11. I just need an airbnb, i do not want a camper. i dont want to maintain a camper, clean the camper, insure the camper, no no no. I will rent an airbnb any day of the week- preferrably something with bedrooms and bathrooms, a yard and a pool.

  12. My season of life is 'i have zero fucks'. You got knocked up, great, buy your own damn crap. I'm not ruining another saturday away from MY OWN KIDS because your egg is now baking.

  13. no rimmy jimmy bob, that if just your backyard- this whole thing is like moonshiners met duck dynasty with a bit of nascar thrown in.

  14. Mine are obsessed with paper of all sorts including mail. Their identity was stolen twice? and they refuse to move to e-statements and billpay (swears its not safe) I gave up. They love to write checks, get bank statements, every piece of mail possible, i swear the USPS is in business because of them. Stacks of mail, magazines, newspapers, flyers, you name it - they have it. Yes they have a shredder, yes they have city curbside recycling, but yet, its all stacked in the house. I hate mail with a passion.

  15. You in Chinada? Or worse of all provinces, Onterrible? If so - good fucking luck. These commies won’t budge on the masking. My suggestion: carry around a coffee. Mask can be hanging off your ear while you “sip” it. I do this hack regularly and seems to work.

  16. America. No cares Arizona unless you get some boomer or snowbird. Or the nazi medical world. I chickened out and went for gummies /edibles today

  17. Fun fact: ERs can't turn you away for not wearing a mask. Claim that you have a psychiatric disability (per you physician) that you require accommodation under section 504 Of the Americans with Disabilities Act. At that point they will have to call the hospital's lawyer who will explain to them that the last thing they want is an ADA lawsuit in their hands.

  18. I hate to pull my 'im a therapist card' but i will if need be. im going tomorrow, ive done ice/heat/pain killers tonight and no relief. I do have a letter from the psych. I hate using it but ugh, this is exactly what happens when people do not get proper medical care for 3+ years.

  19. fettuccine alfred with fish? i need to go vomit like d-wreck.

  20. You are right she didn’t use the term wish but she said she felt it should have been a decision all of the siblings made together as it affects all of them.

  21. they are not a group, they are 6 individuals, with 6 opinions, values and thoughts. they do not need to agree on everything and can make their own choices. I can assure you Maddy isn't get 7 other people's approval when she talks to friends or writes papers or anything else. This is not a 'pack' these are individuals.

  22. Finally convinced my at the time teen kid to give therapy a chance. Later they told me the therapist had a bible prominently displayed. They never went back. Told me later. I was livid.

  23. I try to steer away from anything religious, even books in my area of specialty can get religious and sometimes its not obvious until I'm 1/2 way though the book. Those I don't keep, I don't find them helpful and many of my clients find them triggering and offensive.

  24. My office is probably weird, I have a private office then a client space. Books are in my private office but occasionally I will bring a book or 2 for a client session. Why are the books in my private office? Because I want the client space to be calm and as free from distraction as possible. I am more than willing to bring references and ideas to session but more times than not they are just that- a distraction. No one needs to see a big clonking DSM or rows of books I've read over the years (most of which won't apply to them).

  25. This is a boundary you need to hold. You schedule is what it is and the clients can either make it or not. I work M-F 8-5, Does that means I lose some potential clients, sure. But M-F 8-5 is my boundary and I hold to it. I don't have a problem filling my schedule either.

  26. University Circle has tons of museums and parks (general area)

  27. When j'pest was complaining this was the last day of 'free broomball' and the gym owner was going charge for play time and they wont be going anymore because its NOT FREE, that was a clue. as if any teenager can't find a job to make $5 to go with his friends to play but would rather bitch its no longer free. Yet his own family rents out property so he knows how this shit works. Its not FREE to run a kids sports night.

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