AITA for sending my wife's belongings to her office?

*Lowers face into palm*

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. More recently, Haley Reinhardt, didn't see her American Idol performance but saw her singing for Postmodern Jukebox once, she was phenomenal.

  2. Haley's cover of House of the Rising Sun blows me away every time.

  3. So... her kid was 7? How did she produce breast milk so quickly? Especially enough to feed the baby?

  4. My understanding is that if she continually feeds or pumps her body will keep producing. But, like, constant. Some people can dry up in a few days, though a few weeks is more common.

  5. You can only do so much before helping becomes enabling. If you’ve reached the end of your rope, if it’s taking a mental and emotional toll, you are allowed to take care of yourself and step back from this person.

  6. Absolutely not ok to just dump kids on you without asking, talking to you, or even warning you about it.

  7. Lol I’m in the middle of one so now I have a march deadline

  8. Yup. Either adding this to toddlers or replacing the object babies with it, but a whole new lifestage just for infants? Heh

  9. Replacing the object babies would’ve made so much sense. So naturally, EA will never do that, lol.

  10. People would need to have the same CC installed on their PC before they download it. You could make a list of all the links to the items you used if you're that dedicated!

  11. This is the answer. You can use a free program called the Sims 4 Tray Importer to see all the cc files used in the lot.

  12. NTA. She intentionally misrepresented the scope of the favor she was asking you to do, because she knew you would not agree to it otherwise.

  13. He is going to take her once he is settled and can buy a house and I know that he will I couldn't give her away she is a rescue with issues and I would feel terrible

  14. Come on YTA , you didn’t even think to inform her that you were planning on moving another person who has needs in with their spouse? When you live with ppl you talk things like this over and at that you’re expecting her to give up her personal space and move , I’d be mad too if you chose to communicate last minute, when you live with people that’s what you have to do . And at that you’re asking her to move into an basement that’s being described by the both of you to be barren and unlivable 💀 make it make sense, everyone that post on this sub lacks communication skills

  15. It’s not her space. She doesn’t even pay rent. She should be grateful her sister is letting her live in her house for free and not bitching about which room she gets.

  16. Not only living there rent free in what amounts to a very nice little apartment, but getting all her meals cooked for her, too!

  17. INFO is your brother able to do anything currently like walk, talk, eat and basic stuff like that also does you brother actually want this. Does he want to live those extra few months. Because in lots of cases the patients is just in too much emotional and physical pain to want to actually survive a few more months. I would ask your brother again without your mom around if he wants to live or not because while he might get a few more months if his situation is bad then you're basically going to make him suffer longer if you donate that blood.

  18. If that was the reason they didn't want to give blood, I cannot fathom they wouldn't have said so.

  19. I would feint a thousand times to give my sister a few more months.

  20. Just going by what Op said in comments. I also have questions.

  21. I’m confused, you generally can’t be compelled to testify against a spouse.

  22. Just going by what Op said. I'm sure there's a bunch she left out.

  23. Ahhhhh, so he sent the boxes to her office to sabotage the career she chose over a second child.

  24. Ops Parents: "Man that guy is such an idiot snowflake libtard and so is anyone that agrees with him!"

  25. Dude said you wasted his time when he was the one that couldn't be on time?

  26. Oh no! You're teaching my kid how to be polite and kind and talk through things! This is totally wrecking my parenting style!

  27. Just not this specific weekend, cuz you got a lot of other shit planned already?

  28. The real fraud is making people have a degree for a job he clearly didn't need one for.

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