1. I'd love a Tom Petty song or two as well. Maybe Running Down a Dream or Refugee, those are great driving songs.

  2. Well, he kinda did in a way, by attacking Kronos, although he must've forgot that Kronos was invincible at the time lol.

  3. Sure. He'd be a great back up big on a contending team, say like Philly or Denver.

  4. plumlee’s jumper is automatic 😤

  5. I don't think unscripted events in the GTA games are meant to reflect the characters' personality, only missions and stuff like dates with friends.

  6. The only character that you can say player's action in free roam can actually reflect the character's personality is Trevor

  7. I actually prefer that Colm hanged. A bullet was too easy for that guy.

  8. His actor did a great job going from kinda smug, expecting yet another break out, to realization once he saw Arthur and Dutch, to pure fear. One of my favorite scenes in the game from an acting POV

  9. The bad ending of 2 was originally the canon ending. SP changed it though based on user data showing which path most people played through. Then they had to figure out a retcon to excuse the remaining existence of conduits, which, in my opinion, completely devalues the “sacrifice” of infamous 2’s good ending.

  10. Cole didn't sacrifice himself to kill all Conduits though. He mainly wanted to cure the plague and kill the Beast, and all the other Conduits potentially dying was the cost of what he was doing.

  11. Same reason why NBA 2K thinks more sweat on players mean better graphics I guess

  12. I believe the lyric is, “circle in the sand”.

  13. Legend has it OP is still sitting there patiently waiting to this very day

  14. Wow, personally I'm not a fan of Fortnite either, but why is it so wrong for other people to enjoy it? Some reddit mods just love abusing their powers because they're bullies.

  15. You'll get your two dollars when you fix this damn door!

  16. What if the world that we live in now is because these same people survived the flood 120k years ago.

  17. So you're saying some of us could be descended from prehistoric John Cusack?

  18. What happened to Hayward this time? I know he was out with a shoulder injury not too long ago but I thought he was back

  19. It's still bothering him. He had a shoulder brace thingie on last game and had just 7-2-3 and clearly wasn't trying to use that arm too much

  20. Nope. But he said it to an interviewer when asked the question "would you ever return to Trevor" ogg saying it would be fun to revisit the character. But it's entirety up to rockstar. He's not going to turn down paying work just because he made a few sarcastic jabs at "cartoon" Trevor. A jobs a job.

  21. Good point. Also I'm willing to bet Rockstar would pay him fatter money to return as a cartoon character than other movies and TV shows are offering him.

  22. My girl Mary Beth writing smutty Arthur fanfiction 😭

  23. iirc it’s just a bug that clones Franklin into the robbery suit. It happened on one of DarkViperAU’s livestreams

  24. Those exit loops in Ohio used to seem like rest stops or something in TC1. There were gas stations and restaurants on them then. Still doesn't make sense why only on that interstate and why three of them, and it makes even less sense now without anything on the exits.

  25. sure, but when my team is like 4-14 i'd rather see what the young big i selected in the first round has

  26. I'm already on the sell the vets, play the youngins train right now. The Hornets, at best, can barely compete for a play-in spot in a strong East. And now without LaMelo, Cody Martin, Gordon Hayward (again), and Miles Bridges if you wanna include him, and add that to our bottom 3 record in the NBA, I would hope that Michael Jordan himself would be willing to sell a year to get a high pick and have a chance at that 7'4 demigod straight from a NBA 2K lab.

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