1. Oh 😭 I checked and my residence permit already expired. I had no idea this could be an issue. I'm thinking I could transfer the money to a friend that's still there and have them transfer it to my account over here

  2. What bank do you use and when did your RP expire? There's mixed info about when exactly the bank will freeze your account. Get everything out as soon as you can! And remember there's a 100K RMB withdrawal limit per calendar year

  3. The Chinese bank is China construction bank. My is account is Charles Schwab. I didn't know about the RP and I just checked yesterday, it expired in April 😭

  4. If you find an ATM that accepts UnionPay and you get an error message when you try withdrawing then your account may be frozen from withdrawals abroad. Maybe try transferring funds to a friend on Alipay or Wechat

  5. It’s even more infuriating when you consider that there are states that require a Master’s degree (hi, NY!) but then don’t increase salary accordingly.

  6. Yep. my NYS teaching cert has lapsed because of this. Oh well!

  7. This is true they really don’t. I got in trouble WITH prescription.

  8. That's because you were bringing in a stimulant that China doesn't even have readily available. i still feel for your situation but there's a difference between bringing xanax over w a prescription vs bringing modanifil

  9. They hand out xanax like candy here. Have some anxiety or depression. Dr. : “don’t worry about the small stuff, you’re Ok, take one per day.”

  10. Now that I'm out of China I'm keen to finally post that during lockdown I ended up sharing my Xanax with a super old lady in my compound whose own prescription ran out a week into April - this was when like no cars were allowed on the road and the hospitals were in full COVID crisis mode. At first I was so panicked that maybe someone would find out and Id get detained or something and then I figured this was the absolute weirdest situation and if splitting my remaining anxiety meds with 奶奶 who had to climb up and down 6 flights of stairs every day for NAT testing was gonna get me deported, so be it.

  11. You will have to be proactive about carrying on with your medication and may require a screening by a Chinese based psychiatrist (or even two separate doctors' diagnoses) - find out asap about your employer-provided health insurance. Fortunately Shanghai has plenty of solid expat-serving psychiatrist departments. Sino United, United Family, and Parkway will all be able to help you in English.

  12. Another western CCP dog that enjoys all the western freedom but spreading ccp propaganda on platforms which are BANNED in china! Clowns...

  13. Oh he has a constant line wherein he stipulates that actually China hasn't banned Twitter! It's just that Twitter won't follow the Chinese laws and so they're not allowed to operate in China! So it's actually two very different things, clearly!

  14. He's a token LGBTQIA+ White Guy shilling for CCP

  15. He's pretty anti LGBT community though. Criticised Shanghai's queer community for wanting to continue to hold Pride events, makes a lot of off-colour comments about women and trans people. Must be nice for him as a gay foreigner claiming that life for all queer people in China is hunky-dory.

  16. Fake nails paired with trying to mitigate what encouraged me to pick, which was a dry scalp like you mentioned. Once the existing scabs healed I didn't have anything to pick at. I used some scalp exfoliating scrubs and the Neutrogena scalp soothing shampoo to help as well. Not sure how long your hair is but putting my hair in french braids made it harder to trace my scalp with my fingers looking for areas to pick. Good luck!

  17. Yup, when my scalp was better I was barely picking it (probably only picking one persistent spot occasionally) so you're definitely right. And thank you for the nail advice I never thought about it omg I might just try it,I've nevet had fake nails before.

  18. Yeah gel nails can be helpful especially if they're a bit thicker. You don't even need them to be extra long or anything! It's just the extra surface on your nails makes it harder to lift at scabs so you're not able to scratch as easily. Ugh I had 3 specific spots that I would go at DAILY and they never healed for the longest time! And recently my city was back under lockdown for COVID so I was at home all day which made it easier to pick since no one was around. Now that I'm out of lockdown and going out more it keeps me from picking because I'm preoccupied with socialising and things !

  19. My first week on Concerta i definitely had a bit of a challenge on the "come down" in the evening. Worse than that though was the dry mouth!!! I still get it from time to time.

  20. Yea I was teaching kindergarten last year and one of the kids in K3( Heading to primary) asked one day why do I need to learn English when we had a fight with them. The grandfather had show her one of the recent big korean war movies. The kid in question asked me why did we invade there blah blah.

  21. Was really surprised when the 8 year old I tutored knew so much about the Korean War (well, knew the story she got from her teachers) and how quickly and nonchalantly she was willing to suddenly call me an enemy. I was like girl I'm just here to sing Disney songs and play games and she was ready to throw down

  22. Do you know if there is a significant difference in the quality between the two types of school?

  23. One will be held to the regulations / calendar / expectations / content censorship of the Chinese govt and the other will not. How that impacts the quality depends on your interpretation (and the schools' managing staff).

  24. Spiders literally aren't a threat to you. They won't try and harm you and almost always try to stay out of your way, so I see absolutely no point in killing them or chucking them out. No need for it.

  25. I just moved to southern England from the US where some spiders really can kill you - are there really no harmful spiders here in the UK! I have been surprised with a couple bathroom spider appearances but I've tried to be a good flatmate and let them do their thing....

  26. I can understand the emphasis on exercise. My brain clears out when I'm running. It's just me, my breathing and a clear head. It was such a foreign sensation that no medication can replicate. My anxiety is a lot more manageable when I exercise regularly but YMMV and that's ok!

  27. Just wanted to add that by some miracle, running on the treadmill was the best way for me to actually lesson-plan for my classes. I had my best ideas while my brain cleared out during exercise and I'm glad to see that's the case for others too!

  28. I could, but not the totally-out-of-breath kind of exercise my doc is looking for. I live in an old apartment building with thin walls - I could probably do yoga or Pilates, but any kind of jumping/running would not be a fun time for me or my neighbors.

  29. Why does your Doc want out of breath exercise , just curious? Wanting to get up your heart rate? Cardio emphasis? I have to say as much as the out-of-breath exercise sucks, doing a group fitness class 3x a week (5?! i don't have the time or ability to commit to that!) really did help me overall with my ADHD. getting my heart rate up and focusing on my breathing (not like how you focus on breathing in yoga - that just makes me distracted haha!) was one of the only times i felt like i had real control over my brain and body at the same time. I hope you can find some reasonable outlet for your fitness!

  30. Yeah I’ve had some here. Still just odd not seeing it on the shelf with the other candy bars at the store though.

  31. There was a time before 2017 that you could get Reese's miniatures at Family Mart. I came back to Shanghai after Chinese New Year or summer break and they disappeared. Still sad about it.

  32. I've posted a few times but I really can't recommend him enough. He's just such a nice dude and really communicative. And he loves chatting with foreigners.

  33. Kitten care is really easy once you understand what you’re doing and the readily available information makes it pretty foolproof. I ended up with two abandoned kittens and had 0 idea how to care for them, a quick google, a vet trip for some antibiotics for the eye infection one had and a trip to Walmart and we were in business. Three years later I have two healthy, happy cats. There’s really no excuse.

  34. Yes! I was looking after six kittens during total lockdown in Shanghai this past spring. Had a lot of communal support that meant i could still access common medications for URIs and eye infections and it cleared the common kitten problems right up. If i can manage that during a time when all shops are closed AND while communicating in a different language, these people can manage to give their kitten adequate care.

  35. Loved your commentary. I think you've posted videos or pics of your house before, yeah? Appreciate the look into rural China life!

  36. Yep used him to send 3 boxes to the UK in March and they arrived unscathed last month. He's great.

  37. She said she got out in the nick of time because they are going into lockdown again. I just didn’t get to see what happened to the other cat.

  38. all 4 surviving kittens from that litter were adopted !!! ☺️

  39. Yes. Sent 3 boxes with Leon in March to the UK, they arrived mid-June. Sent another 7 boxes with him this past week. It's a little nerve wracking in the time that your stuff is in transit between China and the destination because the tracking won't update for months but once the boxes arrived in the UK they cleared customs super fast. Leon is a great dude!

  40. I can't see how large this is, but the fact that it's insensate tells me it probably is full thickness like you say (3rd degree). If you aren't seeking medical treatment for this, it might be a good idea as it looks large enough to be grafted.

  41. As someone with legs covered in scarring from picking obsessively at every bug bite and scab I've ever had, I appreciate the info about how/why the scarring occurs and what the best ways to let my wounds heal are. Thanks for sharing the info!

  42. I have an app idea, called "safe place" for when you put something somewhere and immediately forget where it is. I had it a little more fleshed out than that, but I forgot the details. D'oh.

  43. Hahaha! I need a GPS sticker for any and everything important. I know they have airtags and similar things which are good for larger objects but I need like some FBI-grade super stealthy tiny things for stuff like: my insurance card, the receipt for the expensive shoes i need to return, my rent check, my engagement ring, etc..... oof

  44. I did this with my birth certificate & social security card. Put them somewhere “safe” while decluttering to move, and never saw them again. Pretty sure they ended up in the dumpster.

  45. You are so, so kind. Thankyou for this!!!!!!! Especially your last line omg that just hit me because I never thought about things that way re: wanting problem solving vs being heard. I appreciate that SO much. Fortunately I FOUND MY RING! Went straight to the jewelry shop which is literally on my street corner. Turns out of course they'd love to repair the ring, and it took all of 60 seconds and cost me $0.00 - unreal to think i'd be procrastinating a task that was painless. Oh, these brains we live with!

  46. It's often always just ONE line for the song I've had Isabella singing "How far do these roots go down?" over and over and over and over all day.. haha. The two weeks after seeing Encanto were CONSTANT nonstop.

  47. I had an amazing track record using China Post to ship various things from 2015-2020 (echoing what TomIceman said) -- reliable, faster than expected when choosing air!, and trackable.

  48. People looking for flight volunteers are offering to cover the full cost of the volunteer's flight these days. Please do not expect that anyone can or would be willing to take on the responsibility of having an animal tied to their ticket -- I know, I know - 'Any day! Any city! All you do is show up!' But it's still a big deal and I hope you'll consider that when asking -- and please don't forget that many flights have had their limited spaces for pets already booked up even before the lockdown. And as the previous commenter mentioned, large dogs won't be able to fly during the summer months.

  49. So scary the unchecked power they have here. People shit on cops in the US but at least they’re (mostly) held accountable.

  50. Bruh there's a huge systemic issue about the fact that police are not, in fact, held accountable.

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