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  1. Top 0.01% of Make Them Suffer, makes me a top 60 listener.

  2. 0.05% of MTS. Going to see them in concert with Bad Omens, Dayseeker, Thousand Below tonight.

  3. Based. I am so hyped to see them live tonight. Part of me hopes they'll play Uncharted, but I know it's unlikely. Excited for Doomswitch though!

  4. “Normal is not so far” from Underoath - The Created Void

  5. Oh for sure. Wearing Thin hits me HARD. Have been, and still am in an awful situation with a girl that has torn me to pieces repeatedly unbeknownst to her, but I obsessed over her with a burning passion, and sort of still am to a point of starting to destroy my wellbeing, haha.

  6. I don't remember the song or the name of the band but I remember the line "LIFE IS SWING HARD BUT IM SWING HARDER"

  7. Oh yeah, that's Mercy by The Ghost Inside. Love that song.

  8. ok thank you also it runs windows xp, and it works quite well for 480p video lol

  9. Dang son. I know it can be hard to let go, but if you can bear to part with it, and $300 or so, you could get a MUCH stronger/faster machine. VERY cheap for what it is. I can link if you're interested.

  10. Ah yes, a man of culture. Well I wish you the best anyways!

  11. How could you love every aspect of the game? It’s complete ass - rather watch reruns of the special Olympics

  12. Opinion. I love it. Having tons of fun. I assume you just don't like it because you've gotten the short end of the stick with bugs and can't handle inventory management? I know it's slower, but honestly, cod needed to be slowed down a bit. That's why new movement is fantastic. Join the club with everybody else.

  13. Are people complaining? Pussies, just use whatever gun you have and get gud.

  14. Yeah, G14 is a bit cheaper. But I really like the white finish on the g15😂 I am really confused right now.

  15. Should be able to find a white finish G14, depending on where you're located. In US we don't have black finish G14's, only white. Very disappointing IMO. Would rather have the black finish. That being said I have a 2020 G14, 5900HS and 3060.

  16. And there are only black finish in Canada

  17. Happening to me. Probably a bug, they'll fix it in time.

  18. if that happened micro transactions would actually be WAY worse than they already are. loot box system with no bp would guarantee a paid loot box system which would be terrible. people only like loot boxes cuz they were free and that’s it but blizzard can’t make consistent content like that

  19. eh. agree to disagree. I only want loot boxes back if we get the system the way it used to be. The game used to be on sale for $5 CONSTANTLY, and they STILL made plenty of profit to stay afloat. Besides, with the amount of money they make from WoW subs that people forgot they're paying for, they could afford to keep the lights on across America for centuries.

  20. you mean you just want free skins whether it’s loot boxes or not

  21. Mmm. Not really. I always enjoyed the feeling of unboxing a legendary. Regardless, why are you rooting for their new monetization? Seems like you'd rather have a f2p game and pay $20 per skin than a $20 game and free skins with a fun mechanic to unlock them.

  22. As depressed as ever. Utterly hopeless.

  23. Welll that's no way to be about things. What's got you feeling depressed?

  24. POG. my penis is staying exactly the same. not bropilled.

  25. Similarly to what another user recommended, I would say try searching for new hobbies. When I was quitting porn I NEVER had any motivation to do anything. Not even laze around and play video games which is like my favorite hobby of all time. I tried some new stuff, and some old hobbies that I hadn't touched in a while, most including physical activity such as mountain biking, and this reeeeally helped me bring my happy and motivated mindset back while living a much healthier life.

  26. i don't personally have major problems, it's just piss poor optimization for a 6 yo game, gotta use dlss for 4k60 on 3070, considering it has 4 x more raw power than peasentsole 4 pro it should be running flawlessly with no tricks like dlss or fsr, despite resolution bump, but it's sony, same crap was with hzd, took them trillion patches to fix performance up to 30% on average, that's from unplayable to playable for some people, sony just hires couple of weekend joyriders to port their games knowing they will get scraps and here are the results, i'm actually surprised they still port anything, probably desperate

  27. Fair, but I wouldn't have expected them to give strong 4K optimization to a game that was never intended for more than 1080p to begin with. However, I have never, and don't intend to ever switch to anything higher than 1080p for gaming because I find the visual difference to be miniscule, while the performance hits are huge.

  28. depends on your panel, ones you go oled everything else looks eeeeww

  29. Fair enough. That's probably honestly all true. Like I said I've never played with 4k. And it may very well just be one of those things where I try it one day and can't ever go back. That's what happened with higher refresh rate. I believe, however, with DLSS 3, 4k60 or even 4k at higher fps will be made possible and maybe even easy to achieve (probably on 40 series cards, primarily)

  30. the only bad thing apart from server stuff is that a respectable amount of currency cannot be earned

  31. This. If I could earn currency (and access EVERY COSMETIC ITEM at some point or another) without paying a dime, just like was possible in OW1, I would be satisfied 100%. I couldn't care less about anything else.

  32. Keep the slander rolling. They have to fix this. I'm having so much fun with the game, but every time I think about skins it makes me want to get off and not play any more because I refuse to pay $20 for one skin. This isn't Valorant. Loot boxes were fun, levels were fun, rewarding, everything that OW2 isn't. I feel bad for the devs. I know they didn't have this in mind, but the suits pushed for it. I hate Activision.

  33. i saw that last night :)) im so ready for them to kick ass with dayseeker on tour

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