Elon Musk just fired an employee for correcting him

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When the love is out of control.

Shows the Silver Award... and that's it.

Thank you stranger. Shows the award.

When you come across a feel-good thing.

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  1. It’s really funny, I was obsessive with playing WZ, I finally quit because the game had become so buggy, and so full of cheating that it ruined every moment of the game. I realized I was just playing angry and not even enjoying wins/or fights.

  2. Maybe it’s someone who actually knows that a No Quarter flag, in “pirate times,” wasn’t black? Do they have Punisher stickers on their Dodge Charger?

  3. While I agree I would say we are still at the top of the hill and just started sliding, I dont think we have seen the worst so far.

  4. Yeah, in a few years 2022 is going to look like such an innocent time. Much like the people who thought 2016 was the worst year ever. It was written about in NYT, WaPo, New Yorker, Buzzfeed, etc..

  5. If I had to make an analogy I would say 2016 was like a big rave you had some people that didn’t exactly follow the rules but over all everyone had sort of fun 2020-22 was more like a riot more people than ever used the internet and shit got fucked up real quick which was also accelerated by Covid and the conspiracies around it.

  6. Turns out, making everyone stay home with their one way of contacting the world and source for “news” being the internet may cause some problems. Not a critique of the lockdown, but yeah, it’s been an incredible acceleration.

  7. I've had this EXACT interaction and the dude called me slurs I've never heard before till that day. It was awful.

  8. Ah, but reporting those assholes and getting the email thanks/action was taken is so sweet.

  9. Yep, they Are. Xbox players Are The worst but there is Bad Apples on PS4 Also. I mainly Solo q arenas and i have 7-8k games so i know. I never use mic cause its pointless in arenas.

  10. I mean this with all respect, but what is it about Xbox players? I’ve noticed a higher ratio of edgelords with them. I play the game on PS5, but I have an Xbox and PC, this isn’t me dunking on a console.

  11. Have it give an instant rez on a 30 (or whatever) second countdown that puts them back down when it runs out.

  12. 856 says:

    Seems like with all the secret treaties and stuff WW1 or something like it was inevitable. The assassination sped things up, but something was going to to happen.

  13. The intro to that series, specifically talking about the assassination, is so good. Probably Dan at his best.

  14. 856 says:

    Honestly I had to stop listening since he sounded so good but got things totally wrong by suggesting ww1 wouldn't have happened if the assignation didn't happen. Carlin is convincing even when he is incorrect, nobody is always right, but I find myself defaulting to believing whatever he says more than other podcasts.

  15. That’s funny, I don’t remember that being my takeaway. I’ll have to listen to it again. I think he went on about it being this one man in that you never know where that spark will come from. Gavrilo Princip, wasn’t the cause, he was just one more piece of straw on the camel’s back.

  16. That’s too bad. I loved going to get a burger there after a long morning hike.

  17. Anyone heard anything? My gift still hasn’t shown up to my friend

  18. I really like everything I’m reading here. I just moved to a new area and am trying to come up with ways to change my morning/daily food intake. I worked in the service industry for years, with not wonderful eating habits. Your sounds doable and effective.

  19. Amen. I ran bars/cafes/venues for just shy of 20yrs. Erratic schedules and 5 minute meal breaks in the walk in do not lead to good eating habits. Something I’m now trying to stick with. It’s a weird industry.

  20. no they’re fully separated right now😭 like my mom ran out my house two days ago and they been having major problems sooo🤔

  21. I had this situation occurring on a regular basis, like a dog on a bone. We finally see eye to eye on it now. He’s a really good player but either wants to play super aggro or just take pot shots at people at distance to “mix it up.”

  22. Those sycophants are sociopaths. They live vicariously through Musk, while they wait for "temporarily embarrassed millionaire"status to change so that they can start harming people and controlling every aspect of their lives while holding their paychecks hostage.

  23. Americans love a shitty rich guy who takes a shit on the commoners. It’s their fantasy. It’s one of the billion reasons Trump got elected. There is a strong urge amongst us to be the one taking a shit on people. People will eat a lot of shit believing one day they’ll be on the other end of it. This country would be way better off if the Mayflower had sank.

  24. This whole idea of AI failure detection might seem intuitive to y'all but it's a duh moment for me.

  25. It’s really going to be the start of something incredible TBH. Imagine where this is in 5yrs.

  26. Awhile back I didn't realize this was a thing and as the dude started to crouch/stand he threw down his gun just as I pulled the trigger. I realized what had happened as he died. I felt like such an asshole.

  27. I just had a moment when I read modern and 1000BASE-T.. and realised that gigabit has been around for over 20 years.

  28. I spent last week cleaning out our offices as we move to a smaller building since they realized 90% of our job can be done from home. Digging through old orders for various optical and copper lines I found a pamphlet called “The Road to T1”.

  29. I try my best to relax but I do have this I wanna be the best mentally and I’m very competitive especially when my friends do better than me lmaooo.

  30. 2 seasons ago I had sworn off solo queuing, just hated it, so when my buddy wasn’t online I’d mute the team and just play arenas. Always played to win, but also constantly switched guns and legends. I did that for almost all of Season 13 and came out of it a much stronger player on the twitch/reaction/muscle memory side of things. Aiming and straffing were a bit more natural after that. Not being preoccupied by those things freed up that slight bit more of mental bandwidth that let me start learning how to rotate better, learn the maps, and work harder on situational awareness.

  31. I left after last wipe, but stick around here because I know I’m not done with the game. I saw this and thought for a second BSG had just stealth dropped Streets or something.

  32. I am about it honestly imagine the swift agenda change

  33. At the very least, I learned what crudites is, and how to pronounce it as a result of this election.

  34. Yanagiba is a single bevel, right handed, about 20°. Nakiri is double bevel, was probably 35° when I got it, I've since reduced it to about 22°-25°.

  35. Being a leftie is so incredibly frustrating when it comes to single bevel.

  36. Disloyal? Were you guys in some sort of fraternal order? Had you taken an oath?

  37. Not so sure you’re on target with the legality of the claymores in Texas … the other weapons you mentioned are certainly legal in Texas as are tomahawks, ASP Batons, and nunchucks. What great state to reside in!

  38. God, especially after the insane letdown of BO4. I still get a little angry thinking about how incomplete that game was.

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