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  1. Probably will never happen, but wish there was a way to tell exactly how much shit Dio was making up about them

  2. Yeah, not exactly the most unbiased source. Would love to know the full story.

  3. This is my thought. You either fire an extra round at every person you drop just in case and risk giving away your position or you risk not actually killing whoever it is you shot at.

  4. I wonder if certain maps are quieter? I'm first wipe and at that point where I'm having to do all the rogue quests on Lighthouse. I've had a lot more success the last few days. Some of it I would attribute to the fact that I tried and failed twenty some odd times, but also I am encounter far fewer PMCs. PVP hasn't really been a thing in my runs. Now it's just me getting killed by the Rogues instead of a mix of that and PMCs.

  5. it's quad nods with black and white post FX settings. makes them insanely OP.

  6. I just hit lvl 3 PK and started using those things. They are already significantly better than the double, running those post effects is even better. Never would have thought of that.

  7. The sons of soon shit is so dumb and only exists so a YouTuber can cash in

  8. You forgot to mention that half of the video is

  9. They’re beneficial to have around if you get ticks in your yard. Not so beneficial if you have horses or anywhere that water collects in your yard. They can’t transmit rabies, they actually can’t catch the virus, they eat ticks, but they also carry leptospirosis and their feces can cause an illness in horses called possum fever.

  10. I’ve lived around them all my life and never knew this about their feces. Rabies yes, but not that. TIL

  11. Decades ago my father wrote a letter (that how long ago it was) to an ice cream company when he noticed the size of their ice creams getting smaller. One day we had a package turn up at our house and it contained about 4 items of every product they make. They never told us they were sending it out or answered my fathers complaint so we ate them then never bought their products again.

  12. When my father quit drinking (30+ yrs ago) he developed a pretty intense love for carbonated mineral water. He’d go through several bottles a day. His favorite was Ozarka lime. It essentially tastes like fizzy water with a bit of lime peel oil squeezed into it, very subtle. They changed the formula and my dad was distraught. So much so that he wrote them a long letter, explained that many people in recovery from alcohol, get hooked on the stuff, and that it is very comforting.

  13. Yeah emercom seems to be the place. I had a guy waiting under the truck... Pathetic after I had killed five players

  14. I seem to always spawn on Interchange with grenades. I just chuck them in the general direction of the tents/bushes and rush the exit. I have died to those guys way too many times.

  15. I wonder if this inspired by the PoS on Twitter last night crying about the Flea not being at Level 5 and how that has forced him to cheat because he doesn't enjoy the game.

  16. Skins should not be ruining immersion, bad gameplay maybe

  17. People running around in evil clown suits and pot leaf, the villian from Saw, and pot leaf ghillie suits just doesn't do it for me. I suddenly feel like I'm in a game of Saints Row.

  18. Idk, I personally like it more than watching all the players in the lobby wearing the same generic mercenary outfit

  19. I get it, we each enjoy what we do. For me it's just distracting, and the ridiculousness of it makes me think of games like Fortnite/GTA etc..Definitely not saying my way is the only way.

  20. I hate that the headsets are necessary, the thunks of running are so imbalanced.

  21. Using headsets is definitely common for military and or pmc. Buy a headset, they’re not expensive, you’ll see why they’d be used in real life. They work. Plus for professionals like military / pmc their radio comms are also routed through their headsets. They’re powered digital headsets

  22. I know they are used for coms, but they are also used to amplify sound? I’ve used headsets at gun ranges that allow hear through when not shooting, but didn’t realize there are some that actually amplify.

  23. Loot spawns are random, but there is still sort of a cycle. RMT markets go through standard supply/demand cycles, so when an item is in-demand its going to be high priority for the loot vacuumers to scoop up before you're even finished loading in.

  24. I’m still getting an idea of the mechanics of the RWTs and some of the crazier cheats they use. Is it true they have proximity loot feature. Just being within X radius and it gets vacuumed up?

  25. NVGs work by taking existing light in otherwise dark environments and intensifying that such that a user can see.

  26. Thanks, I somehow missed that there was NVG AND a flare gun involved in all of this. I only know gating as an audio term. This is pretty great.

  27. Nope, I would imagine he'll wait till the last few episodes, or pull a HoR and add an update a year later.

  28. “I just need to plant something, for the love of god leave me alone.”

  29. Unfortunately you just have to take the hit sometimes. Unless you're carrying a labs card or a really expensive key nothing is really worth the hit imo. I'm sitting at 8.5 rep and the perks outweigh the loss of a rub since I can be back on my scav in 4 minutes if I Really need the money or something.

  30. I'm somewhere in the 4-5 range, I can't remember, but I am suddenly spawning in the driveway of the chalet, but with no backpack. It's such weird tease.

  31. Second wipe guy here. I wouldn’t worry about it too much or listen to many people on it. When it wiped in 12.11 there was a new event every single day for like 7-10 days. I remember cultists spawning more on factory bosses switching places on maps and the best one was all bosses spawning on interchange 100% chance. It was pure chaos but also the most fun I’ve had on Tarkov. Im just waiting for a new event everyday that gets crazier and crazier every day that’s probably the wipe coming. In my opinion this is leading up to lighthouse expansion with no wipe but maybe one shortly after.

  32. That does sound fun, and makes sense. If this is a wipe scenario thus far it's been pretty tame.

  33. My MOAB 2s were awesome, but they only last about a year or two before they fall apart. Mostly wearing Timberlands now, but swapped out the insoles for new Merrell insoles so they can be more comfy.

  34. The original MOABs were great, they used a lot more stitching. I returned a pair of MOAB2 about 6 months after buying them at REI. When I showed them the condition of them one of the guys from the shoe dept came over and basically said they had started going heavy on glue. It was the last time I bought Merrill it was such a turnoff. I've switched over to Vasque since then. Breeze II is their MOAB, and St Elias is a really great all leather upper. I've had both for 3yrs now and swap them out depending on the weather whenever I hike Big Bend. I'm pretty rough on them and they are still holding up very well.

  35. Fair enough, I enjoyed the campaigns of Black Ops 1 Black Ops 2 and Cold War personally, I didn't like Black Ops 3 campaign though.

  36. It's pretty funny, I just assumed everyone thought the BO stuff was mediocre until I started making a point of paying attention to the COD Reddit when Blackout was released. I was legit befuddled by the whole thing. BO4 was the final nail in that coffin for me. The operators and their magical abilities just pushed me over the edge.

  37. Cold War had one of the best campaigns of any CoD game? obviously not THE best, but still better than a lot of the other CoD campaigns.

  38. Yeah, I feel pretty out of touch with the general consensus that's for sure. I got maybe 1/3-1/2 through and "found" the

  39. That is really cool. I didn't know those were a thing. I almost chimed in saying it looked a lot like a

  40. Can confirm. Ran music venues and bars for 20yrs, last 8 I’ve had two. A guy once put me in a brutal nasty chokehold once and I used the butt end on his elbow repeatedly to get loose.

  41. In the Dark Ages, typing was taught on manual typewriters where the keys were capped so you learned 10-finger typing by touch only.

  42. Ah yes, the ole Business Office Skills HS class. Learned to type, run a printing press, notepad binding, and how to sort mail. It’s such a weird thing to try to explain to people that are currently in high school.

  43. I wish they did classes like those, these days. They desperately need a class to teach high schoolers basic life skills, like doing taxes and other vitally important life skills. Especially for kids that either, don’t have parents, or have parents without the knowledge/ability to teach these things.

  44. That’s funny, I also took a half semester of a class called Basic Life Skills. It was essentially Home Economics. I learned to bake cinnamon rolls from scratch, sewed a pair of pants from a bolt of cloth, and kept a simulated bank account with a hypothetical income and budget, and balanced a checkbook over the course of the semester. There were lots of other little things, but those were the basics.

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