1. completed my half marathon last week so it's finally time to get back into the water!!!!

  2. Wow congrats on the half marathon!! That’s a feat in itself!

  3. In my mind I’m a big wave surfer but surfline rewind says otherwise

  4. That just about brought a tear to my eye! I feel like his clinginess has made me super clingy and now we're just enabling each other. Thank you again.

  5. It’s so true! My parents once had a cat that couldn’t give two shits about me… then one day they went on vacation and I happened to be at the house for a few days while they were gone. After like a day I heard strange knocking noises and I searched the house for the source of the noise. Turns out the cat accidentally got locked in their closet!! After I let the cat out, it developed feelings for me and would cuddle with me for hours. It was such a dramatic change in attitude, I could tell it was really thankful that I saved its life.

  6. Yep, mine has to always be on me and if she isn’t then she’s yelling about not being on me

  7. Finally gonna be getting my board shipped out to me 🙏🏽 excited but definitely nervous about surfing on the west coast but I’m BEYOND ready for it and badly missing the ocean

  8. If you like that then you’d probably also like modern psychedelic rock bands that are influenced by that era! Check out

  9. It may be my own wants talking but the single fin sounds pretty nice :)

  10. No surfing this weekend because I’m sick with another daycare bug from my daughter 🥲 I’ll still make my way to the beach to watch other shredders 🏄‍♀️

  11. Kurtzgesagt has a really cool video about what would happen if the moon approached and impacted earth. Tl,dr: the world would be absolutely destroyed even before the impact.

  12. I want this guy to tell stories of all my childhood memories.

  13. Why do people put red filter on lenses?

  14. Because it helps with color balancing, red is the first color that is lost when you dive past a few feet and so adding a filter helps to replace the color at depth.

  15. Yeah I sprayed a clear coat, just a cheap clear UV resistant spray from the hardware store worked really well!

  16. Gonna pull surfboard repair video posted on this sub a while back and finally repair the little ding on my board

  17. So true! I secretly love it when the weather forces me out of the water so I can spend some time on other hobbies :D

  18. I waited 2 days after rain instead of 3 in socal and am dealing with the consequences fff

  19. Back in the 90's won a wetsuit on a TV show. It was tight around the neck (of course) and the back, what to do, I didn't know. But I was trying to fit over my cast. It stretched so big, I didn't think it was gonna last. It's been so long that it's probably full of sand. Or I'm more sand than a horse LAND-ROVER!

  20. People who romanticise the more expensive guitars forget that the brand recognition and legacy all started with things that were, at the time, the equivalent of your MIM strat

  21. Changed the tuners, put some more shielding around the pickups to help deal with the buzz. With just those two simple changes it plays beautifully. You could always do more but honestly I never felt any need to with this one.

  22. Awesome thank you so much for sharing! I have a cheap Squier that I got in the early 2000s that I absolutely adore and I’ve been wanting to make sure I keep it in great shape but wasn’t sure where to start. Thank you for the tips!

  23. Just reentering the surf scene after an 8-year hiatus. Today was my second time out and I was able to pop up! I've been having a rough ass mental health week and getting out to the lineup this morning totally lifted my spirits. Peace and love 🤙🏼!

  24. Because men surf better than women and there are only so many spots downvote me

  25. Are you here to troll or have genuine conversations? Because trolling is for

  26. I really like the women and men competing together too. I’d be curious what the women competitors would say about that. KK has been surfing with the guys for decades, and I remember seeing an interview (almost 2 decades old now) where she talked about how it was exhausting feeling like she was often alone trying to push women’s surfing forward in the big wave arena. I hope she doesn’t feel that way anymore.

  27. I just saw on Keala's IG that she thinks her run in the Eddie could be the last "send" that her body can give. She's been dealing with lots of injuries from nasty wipeouts over the past few years as well as the mental battles that come with it. She also mentioned that it seems like the press focuses on her wipeouts instead of her rides and that it really gets to her confidence. What a difficult world to be in! I know Bianca Valenti also has been fighting tirelessly for women's equality in the water.

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