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  1. The Netflix Texas Chainsaw. Gory? Yes but the story sucked it didn’t make too much sense. Texas chainsaw to me could be a very realistic and gritty series but they always go for cheap thrills and slapstick horror. The bus scene was cool though, it’s like they had that specific idea and threw together a shitty movie around that one idea

  2. Raced an npc in red dead with a nice ass horse and when he lost he punched the horse. So I beat him up, hogtied him, put him on that very same horse and ran him over with his own horse. Not the most brutal thing I’ve done to an npc in that game by far but definitely my favorite thing I’ve done

  3. Yeah this has got to be one of the most successful clickbait ad games ever

  4. Not really. It was at this point Rick started losing himself and started becoming more villainous in nature. again, he had to to keep everyone alive but it was like Shane possessed him. Which speaks more on Shane’s character because he was honesty way ahead of the group in terms of survival tactics and what “needed to be done”. I feel like Shane’s death was the first big turning point in the show for Rick

  5. Chadwick Boseman. Was going on about my life and saw an article that he had passed due to cancer. I was starstruck. I was like what? He had cancer? He DIED? Probably one of the most confused times of my life. Rip Chadwick. And the poor man was receiving criticism in the near last few times of his life due to how skinny he was. What a cruel world at times…

  6. Yeah his death genuinely surprised me as well. A lot of celebrity deaths are a little surprising but his came out of nowhere and hit hard

  7. My ex and I got along great. We were like the same person. Except I was raised in a lower class family and she was raised in a very high class family. Her dad liked me sm he helped pay for my college (which was a community college) while she went to a very prestigious 4 year college (I won’t name which one it was but it’s very huge in America) well we dated for a year and a half. And we were fine, she seemed fine nothing seemed off. And one morning we woke up and she said we had to breakup cause “her dad didn’t like me, so we’d never be able to get married in the future”. I get family members not liking your SO but this seemed really weird because the way she made it out to be, he didn’t like me because I went to a community college and “I didn’t have a good future ahead of me”. It was very sudden and out of nowhere to me. I feel like she was lying, like maybe she was breaking up with me for other reasons but she would never tell me. I even talked to her about it, I said I promise if there was anything wrong with me you have to tell me I’d like to know so I can change it. But she says I was the perfect bf and that she “didn’t want to breakup but she had to” we were 20 years old, she could do whatever she wanted. It just seemed to be one of those classic “poor boy falls in love with a princess but the king wouldn’t let his daughter marry a commoner” kind of situations so it seemed highly improbable to me. Like I said, to this day, I feel like she was lying, maybe she found someone else or just didn’t want to be w me. Either way idc, I just wish she had the courage to tell me rather than keep it from me cause I’ve gone on feeling insecure wondering what I did wrong.

  8. Pretty sure you can use the pickup/put down feature on the left you just need one piece in your inventory, and be near the second one. I think that’s how I did it the last time I had to set one up?

  9. I’m a huge walking dead fan, comic and show, but I usually call them Roamers. Sometimes Walkers, but mainly Roamers or Biters (I’m a Woodbury fella what can I say)

  10. I think it’d be awesome, if there was like some endgame scene where he shows up to save Daryl and it’s like this big woaaaah holy shit moment but it would feel a little cheap I feel like. That’d be the main reason why I’d want him back, just so he had one last scene with Daryl. But y’know maybe they’ll cross paths again in the spin-offs (even though apparently Daryl’s going to France???)

  11. I will say the biggest ender of lives is wanting more than you need. It's not hard to fill up a bug out vehicle with everything you'd need to survive in a remote location and survive forever. Foraging, trapping and fishing are really all you need to survive, and even at low levels can serve you very well. If longevity is your goal, learn to live with less.

  12. That’s how I am, I recently just got a big house fortified with walls and defenses and stuff hot so bored I went out to West Point, popped a Metallica cassette into a radio in some car, rolled all the windows down and went to town with a grenade launcher I found. Most fun I’ve had in the game.

  13. Elden Ring for sure, but I wouldn’t mind GOW or Stray winning

  14. This is unfortunate to hear. FYI, Esc key is the designated "Cancel" key for all action.

  15. Oh trust me I was mashing tf out of esc it would just pause the game. I’m assuming it was a glitch in one of the mods I was using. I had a few different skill book mods and quality of life mods. I’ve noticed it happening before but I was usually able to move around with it. With this I just couldn’t even get out of the car

  16. How many times a week are yall gonna post this?

  17. As many times as we want cause it’s the internet

  18. I loved it because by the end i hated Ellie for her ongoing quest to kill Abby and not just let it go.

  19. That’s what I always say. They want you to feel bad for what you’re doing by the end. Like Ellie lost literally everything, Joel, some of her friends, Tommy got crippled, she lost her fingers and couldn’t play guitar (a big part of her and Joel’s relationship) and she lost Dina. She lost more than she’d get by killing Abby. And the same goes for Abby. She got her revenge on Joel, and in turn lost all of her friends and home. So Naughty Dog basically showed us revenge is never a winning game and it solves nothing.

  20. Hate to say it, but the new IT is in my opinion better than the 90s series. 90s one was cool and all but it just wasn’t even that scary it was more campy/weird. I like how the new ones were at least a little more edgy

  21. The boys s1:ep1 if it were told by SpongeBob

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