The last leg of a 2000 ft tower

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  1. Also a big fan of APC’ Imagine

  2. How big is it? I wouldn’t mind a copy of that on my wall!

  3. I drew it on a3 size so it’s pretty decent size

  4. Any chance I could get a print? :D

  5. Good. I hate cold weather. Just wear plenty of sunscreen during the summer.

  6. Yeah it couldn’t possibly get any worse, right?


  8. I often wonder if we have some huge, fundamental misunderstanding when it comes to cosmology. Like it wasn’t that long ago that schools were teaching the baked apple theory in geology class. That seems ridiculous today, but at the time it was accepted and plate tectonics were dismissed. It’s possible there’s something similar happening with our theories about the universe and general relativity.

  9. I think that there’s an error somewhere in our “standard candle” chart. We don’t have any objects or phenomena that we can use to determine distance over all distances. They overlap in places but if something is off with them, it would change our understanding quite a bit.

  10. unfortunately the guy-wires would make that significantly more dangerous

  11. Also, base jumping (what is being proposed here) is the one of, if not the most, dangerous sports on earth.

  12. I'd have voted for 23rd Street Brewery, personally.

  13. Every time you go in everything goes up $1

  14. Literally in the title, but yeah very clearly AI

  15. Ain't no admin on that bitch, she runnin Windows 3.1

  16. Meh, every time I've eaten there it's been meh. Overcooked general tso's, bland fried rice...

  17. Order authentic Chinese

  18. My money is on: they removed the neutral connection to the other circuit. I bet whoever wired it up shared neutral between two circuits where the light was.

  19. So by the same logic it’s not her sidewalk either.

  20. Yeah maybe you didn't notice but she's not the one spraying the hose.

  21. Yeah she's the one occupying the entire fucking sidewalk for herself.

  22. So overkill... lol i can remove some supports happily. I have never built something from scratch so im trying to figure out what is too much or too little

  23. I would be more worried about it tipping over personally, make sure you secure it to the wall somehow.

  24. Not sure why leftists hate self defense so much. 90% of the comments were hating on the guy for shooting the robber many times and making sure he was dead, and wee saying shit like:

  25. How about don’t group people as leftist this leftist that?

  26. What’s the difference between that and using a grinder that doesn’t have a kief catch?

  27. I guess you at least get a choice if you want to add it with a kief catch!

  28. Upset about having feelings, prob his kink later in life

  29. Old post, but just FYI they're often shipped with food too.

  30. True! How did you find this post lol?

  31. I was wondering if it was worthwhile to add silical gel packets to my camera bag while travelling. Showed up on Google. How have the last 12 years been for you?

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