1. Is she too classy to shag in the back of the yoke?

  2. Manowar is the only metal band. The rest are just imitations

  3. All hail king Joey and his perfectly reasonable demands!

  4. The way you're holding that gives me anxiety.

  5. It is not normal to hold a greasy piece of cooked meat in the middle of your palm like that (no that wasn't a euphomism).

  6. Don’t tell me what meat to hold in my hand, it’s 2022!

  7. I haven’t heard any of those, care to share?

  8. https://reddit.com/r/copypasta/comments/e51wyh/the_infamous_swamps_of_dagobah_story/

  9. I’m not entirely sure whether I’d prefer sex with my mother or father. Better get that Reddit guy that did his mom for years.

  10. "Oh crikey it's the Imperial rozzers!"

  11. And on that bombshell it’s back to the Breezehome

  12. I think we could still do a king Conan today with Arnie

  13. Zoolander, loved the first one, didn’t laugh once at the second.

  14. There’s honestly hundreds of jobs that no one thinks about but if they weren’t there the world wouldn’t work.

  15. It’s definitely worse than it’s portrayed but meth is a lot worse.

  16. Travis Tritt covering Where Corn Don’t Grow, originally by Waylon Jennings

  17. I’ve given myself some horrendous hand injuries over the years, smashing my fingers, blackening nails and they fall off, bruising palms and the backs of my hands, cutting to the bone and almost crushed right off.

  18. I usually just went to a party after most of them. One party ended up being an orgy. Strange night, but fun.

  19. As this is the internet, it is customary to call this story bullshit.

  20. Anybody that thinks Pleasure Slave by Manowar is cringe isn’t a true metal warrior, wimps and posers, leave the hall!

  21. Relish the little victories, I remember the satisfaction of bringing home my first shower curtain, because I had moved to a different country to an unfurnished apartment and wasn’t able to have a shower the first day.

  22. Honestly warfare is too far advanced now to really measure any all out conflict having a clear victor, there’s too many endgame scenarios from lots of countries, boots on the ground doesn’t even need to happen

  23. Mutually assured destruction, one nuclear strike, even if shot down causes fall out causing allied countries to attack in retaliation, basically everyone dies.

  24. Honestly trades are where it’s at, 100K a year after 4 year apprenticeship is easier to get than ever

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