1. I'm happy about this but does anyone else dislike Jay so far? Or is it just me?

  2. I think that Cruise is a better fit for Maxwell Lord. They should have Eisenberg sit out the MOS sequel and then bring him back later on. I think the writing and direction were the problem with his Luthor, he could do well with competent writing and direction.

  3. Yeah, I did a suggested title and I was hoping it wouldn't come off as picking sides. I like both Marvel and DC film and tv. I thought it was just an interesting article talking about the benefits of a potential DC tv and film multiverse.

  4. Shazam and Plastic Man. Two characters that are kids in a superhero's body. One literally and the other not

  5. Isn't he like 5'8" and the character they are hinting at him playing is well over 6 foot? I'm all for a shorter version, but at least put on some muscle mass.

  6. I'm pretty sure it's been said in articles that he is 6 feet tall

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