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  1. Would be absolute idiocy for him to visit the states before going to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. In that order.

  2. Kate. I won’t be watching. Easy. Thanks.

  3. I think culturally (Aus here) that cruises are seen as somewhat trashy. It’s the party cruise to look down your nose at or the alternative: older, quieter version of a bus / train / contiki tour of Europe in hostel dorms.

  4. Haha I can see it was a culture shock going from your style of vacays to a cruise! Good on ya for letting your friends have their way once :)

  5. Hahaha had to be done. Though they never came with me on one of my holidays. We compromised and did beach holidays in Thailand and such, they say by pool and I went exploring :)

  6. As old school as he is, Captain doesn't have anything against female crew members, nor any apparent prejudices about who should work deck, who is a stew, etc. I wouldn't see it as a slight or diminishment of any kind.

  7. Eugh. Literally stopped watching survivor the episode that scene played out.

  8. What do you all think of Camille? I'm trying not to make my mind up too early in the season but... :p

  9. Oh yes she does. Just like Madonna. They think they’re exotic. They look fools.

  10. Yeah this post doesn't belong here. He just wants to promote his onlyfans.

  11. Exactly. I mean you’re a great looking dude and you manage to post pics of long hair without making it a tinder profile! I’m sick of seeing posts like these. Men or women is irrelevant. It’s not what we are here for. Sheesh lol

  12. exactly!! fact that people are falling for it is so funny to me, like "oh he has a good body lets ignore the fact that we can barely see his hair"

  13. Mate! 100%. I mean fuck - I would love to have a body like that - but right now in here it’s about hair. It’s like posting about golf in a tennis forum. Pointless and misses the mark!

  14. Can’t stand Captain Sandy - so much that I skipped a few seasons to not see her.

  15. On a side note: where do you buy a good pudding? I have never found a pudding in australia that didn’t taste Medicinal. Obvious coles woolies versions make me vomit and throw it all away.

  16. Just checked out website. They sell in a number of stores across Melbourne. Pretty sure I’ve had this pudding before (I also visit Castlemaine every two months for work and think I bought one there once too - I think there’s based there). Afraid to say I was not a fan. Tasted very much like a “store bought pudding” and didn’t have that amazing taste I’m After. really think maybe I won’t be able to find it outside of England :(

  17. Recommend the flavour and taste? :)

  18. I think you’ll find the majority of people in the area who speak that way are putting on an affectation - the way you kind of feel you need to. Just be yourself. They are trying to portray an image rather than just being.

  19. If boukders are too difficult - cheaper solar lights (don’t even need to work) spread a meter apart, pushed into the dirt. It sends a message.

  20. I agree that he would never have been actual captain and another must have been in his place - but to show us the requirements of yachting (and why people who are crap at docking or anchor watch etc are fired) they should have been transparent with it. Say “obviously I can’t respond (right now) the way I’d need to in an emergency so I am overseeing the management component of Captain but the first officer (or co captain) will be overseeing safety/reactions etc until as such time I’m given medical clearance to do it myself”. People would respect that.

  21. Would still be more liveable than most other cities

  22. Not funny. Not original. Not even really BD related to me.

  23. Gotta be Lou Sanders. She trashed his car, signed him up to a number of spam services, and made him eat burnt pornography.

  24. But that would mean we’d have to see Lou on our screens again. I just can’t have that. Morgana please :)

  25. This one was properly unexpected on a few levels and genuinely had me giggling

  26. Ahh yes the circle of life…. That starts and ends with an explosive, violent shit.

  27. It was silly, most people forgot, the organiser gave up.. have a crack though!

  28. Yet the Melbourne version was a hit, went viral and of course made the inevitable news.com.au / lazy pricks website :)

  29. There is a much easier way to do that

  30. I’m useless at maths and that’s where my brain went too - then I read comment below and thought I take my hat off to you sir

  31. You could just go to the meter box and turn off a bunch of circuits / mains...

  32. They could have fish tanks or any sort of surveillance equipment or whatever requiring ongoing electricity. If someone touched my meter box I’d smash them.

  33. I agree with the sentiment here, but if you’re gone for that long and leave things on that annoy your neighbours and didn’t bother to pass your details on, I don’t care for your fish tank or surveillance gear. A fuse is getting flicked….

  34. Thought just occurred to me: maybe they wouldn’t want to tell their neighbours they’re going away as they suspect their neighbours may be the type who feel comfortable entering their property and turning off their meter!

  35. If this house is metropolitan OP can afford a proper consultation and not need to ask reddit and not be doing DIY.

  36. The house plans don't show the condition of the house, or give the full picture.

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