1. Bills fans. We say crazy shit when we loose. But we're not as bad as chiefs fans right?

  2. Is there any real way to sign Poyer and Edmunds? I know is Singletary is up too

  3. But if he gets Injured. He most likely will get massages in his treatment.....

  4. I wish it was the Eagles. They make every win feel like a near loss! Especially these past few games. Alas. I think the colts are pretty boring.

  5. Best part of this. Nice relaxing weekend and not overly stressing on football this weekend.

  6. Prime time game done before 11:30. Fuck yeah. Goodnight boys and girls

  7. Be real: if Pats did that to us you’d want an ejection too. It’s dangerous regardless. Games over anyways - not a big deal rn

  8. Call me crazy but I don't think it's all on Ryan. He's 100% washed but That o-line melts instantly and he has 1 second to look downfield.

  9. Agreed it's not all on him. Yes he's washed but that oline does not give him 2 seconds to look downfield

  10. The responses from the Ellicot Street staff to bad reviews is nuts!!

  11. You know I just realized; Josh Allen being in a Gillette ad is kinda cursed. Being in the same division at the Pats and all.

  12. I hate how incredible he is. Chiefs fans must be tired of kelce highlights.

  13. Orthopedic surgeon here. Lateral meniscus tears are tough. They typically have longer recovery times (after surgery) compared to medial meniscus tears. The type of tear and location ultimately determine whether you can repair or cut out the torn portion. If it needs repaired, he's done for the season. It sounds like the team is attempting to treat this non-operatively, hopefully it works out

  14. A knee sprain is a certain level of ACL tear. 4 being full rupture. 1 being partial tear… this isn’t great news.

  15. Are you telling me my husband puts me through this every day to save $5? I’m going to go give his cheap ass a spanking.

  16. Is this how I can get my wife to spank me? Time to end the Spotify family plan

  17. Thinking Walton would be just as bad?? Instant down votes. Welcome to

  18. How about a cooler stat? How many bathrooms are in Zach's house? Td/bathroom ratio is where it's at now

  19. X chair is 700+ dollars. I'll stick with the back pain with my office depot chair

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