1. Because a part of me is hoping that I'm just being irrational 😭😭

  2. That’s probably your Mars in Leo, in your 10th House of career talking. lol

  3. Lol yes! The aquarius moon isn't helping either

  4. It's called "The Nutritionist" by Andrea Gibson. You can find it on YouTube.

  5. Did you slide into his DM or did you comment under his tweet?

  6. It's not really a hidden gem, but the vibe at Asoka is really nice

  7. Putting effort into my appearance, especially my outfit.

  8. Lol I wash just thinking this! I never try to kill a fly with my bare hands. Always with a shoe

  9. You know I've never seen a Victorian portrait where the subject has acne...

  10. Honestly I'm just glad that she's decided to actually look like her race on the show. I was worried I'd have to witness the blackfishing for the entire season

  11. To, me Chiron and Pluto say something similar. Pluto says you need to evolve and change the way you do Sag in the 1st house. Chiron says, yeah there's an issue here. So, to me, all by itself - this conjunction - isn't why you feel burdened. To me, Scorpio is the one who is burdened as it tends to absorb and hold emotions - one's own, and other people's too. And your chart doesn't give you much of an outlet for expressing those emotions.

  12. I really appreciate this response!

  13. Well, we all have feelings and emotions - that we have to process and release - unless you want to hang onto them forever. People can do this processing in different ways. Give your chart, I bet you might have the tendency to think and release, rather get all emotive about them. Some people need to FEEL to get to them, but you might be able to know them rather than feel - or both. However you process them, the goal is to release them so you aren't burdened by them.

  14. I definitely relate to feel weird or like you just can't fit. Personally, astrology has helped me a lot with self acceptance. Specifically because it's helped me become aware of my true nature. Plus it shows that there is positive and negative to every trait. So I've been able to reframe my traits that I have a hard time accepting in a positive way

  15. Yes. I miss my innocence. It feels like my capacity for joy and love died when my dad died. It's been a struggle trying to remember what real joy feels like again.

  16. Thank you for this! I love how simple Matilda's style is. Also, her hair is a SN dream!

  17. All and none. The dress is completely shapeless, it will be a sack on everyone ( so not flattering on anyone ). However it's a cute and ruffled sack so everyone could wear if to the same effect ( so all )

  18. I've seen a dress like this on an FN, and while I wouldn't say it was flattering, I do think she had the physical presence to carry it. I would have been completely drowned. One of those "does it look like you're wearing the dress, or the dress is wearing you" things.

  19. That's definitely what I was concerned about. I feel like the dress would overpower me as a short SN

  20. I definitely relate to this! It really does become part of your personality. For the longest time I was convinced that I was boring, cold and a loner. Turns out I'm just depressed and numb/indifferent to a lot of things and people.

  21. I've definitely noticed this when it comes to clothing. I have a friend who studies art and her clothing reflects that (she has a bold, art hoe kind of aesthetic). My female friends and I compliment her on her outfits and hair all the time. But when we go out she basically gets no male attention. Personally, I think that men are impressed by simple girl next door or Instagram baddie type aesthetics (shorts and a crop top, or bodycon dresses). Women seem to be more appreciative of intricate outfits that make use of tons of colours, textures and patterns. I'm definitely generalising though.

  22. As you can see this impression is not only mine :). Good thing is you are both cute. I hope this knowledge boosts you somehow or gives you new perspectives to work with.

  23. Thank you for your input! It definitely is helpful to me. And Anya is absolutely beautiful, so it feels pretty good being compared to her

  24. Very pretty! You look especially beautiful in the first pic! The whole makeup and hair look great on you. You definitely have a more cute face, but a more hourglass glamorous figure so your face gives me SG vibes but figure R vibes. But I’ll go more with R essence overall

  25. Aw that means a lot! I'm surprised by how many people have suggested R. I honestly never saw that for myself

  26. I actually think she’s a TR ...please don’t stone me 😬😬😬

  27. Lol I agree with you. I know that SNs can have hourglass figures but Lori's waist is TINY. I don't see any width in it at all. Also, I was so surprised when I found out that she's allegedly only 5 foot 3. I think she looks so much taller than that! I thought she would at least be Beyoncé's height.

  28. I don’t think kibbe factors into it, if anything SNs may be most harmonious with the spirit of BBLs, given their existing curviness and strong enough bone structure to accommodate it.

  29. Uncanny valley perfectly describes this! There's just something so off about excessive BBLs. It almost looks inhuman.

  30. The side projection of BBLs--like when you can see the butt from the front view--is literally unnatural. Human bodies just don't store fat in that area at those volumes. It can look good in pictures and on instagram, since that's really what is is: people chasing the look of unnatural airbrushed or even cartoon images. But it looks so weird in real life and when moving, eg

  31. I love Lorry Hill's channel! There are so many people that I thought were all natural before she talked about them in her videos

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