1. He'd be the Kenpachi amongst Zanpakutos.. he'd attack anything in sight just for the shit of it.

  2. That's the whole point; it doesn't matter what the actual status of the kids is because no one officially recognizes the kids as bastards. It's all rumor.

  3. They can be if you legitimize them, but that would mean Rhaenyra has to acknowledge that they are bastards

  4. There is no need for Rhaenyra to legitimize anybody. As Queen, she can name any of her children as heirs.

  5. Does Alicent want power, or is she trying to keep her kids alive? If Ned had listened to Little Finger, Ned wouldn't be dead.

  6. How do you figure? They are in danger just like Alicent says, just by the fact that he's a first born son to the king and the kingdom wants a male heir. The oldest is in as much danger as Jon Snow was when Robert took the throne even though Robert would never admit that to Ned.

  7. Ser Criston Cole. Highlights of service in The Kingsguard record book.

  8. Are you mad ?? Comparing Ned's honor with Alicent's 'honor' ?? 😅 There is nothing honorable about what Alicent is up to.

  9. Time to make Daemon his hand and bring his Queen to heel. But no…

  10. I’m pretty sure he commented on his injuries, from what I remember, and injuries outside of a lose of an appendage doesn’t affect a shingami’s overall combat ability. The breaking out of jail remark doesn’t really add up either seeing as Yhwach later says that if effectively buffed him by awakening his Quincy blood, not to mention he was able to somewhat fight Yhwach, even if he was holding back. I really don’t see anything that says his injuries affected him the way you’re trying to claim they did.

  11. Assuming his remaining reiatsu being based on his shihakushō didn’t change, I’d argue his injuries didn’t have a big impact on his ability to fight.

  12. The guy just fought Kirge. Then. The guy then half killed himself by repeatedly trying and failing to bruteforce his way out of The Jail. Also take into account the effect that all of the above would have on his mental resolve. Even Ywch himself commented on Ichigo's 'tiredness'....

  13. The whole bloody season so far, is bloody rushed. I hate it, but I'm still watching. There is soooooo much 'meat' in this show to expound upon, seems like they're 'playing it safe'.

  14. You know, my friend almost talked me into watching that show and this right here talked me right back out of it, thank you.

  15. Emma had big shoes to fill based on the hype from Milly and they fucking killed it

  16. Yeah. Emma, She nailed it. Filled them shoes well too.👏

  17. I haven’t read the books, but I’m assuming black for Rhaenyra and green for Alicent?

  18. All I want to see is Harwin beating the shit out of Criston 🙏

  19. I have been pondering the same since the first ep. It is plain dumb in my opinion to be that far from your nukes. The riders could easily be killed on their way to the pit.

  20. World-class chess players burn about 6000 calories every day.

  21. As a (former) chess player. I once told a person, a simpleton (facts !! that's what she basically was), a friend at the time, that playing a (hours) looooong game of chess against a strong player can leave one feeling drained as though they just completed a workout. She refused to believe me.

  22. Syrax and Rheanyra approaching under cloud cover and then entering the screen right after in Episode 2. The scene after was great too but the tunnel effect that Syrax created on the clouds, lovely. 🥰

  23. That order was after Caraxes entered the chat

  24. Yes my bad...i had ceraxes in my mind but types cyrax..fixed now....thanks bro/sis

  25. Her uncle knew pretty quick. Go back and rewatch they way he gave Viserys a very stink sort of look, it happened fast....as if to say....The Hightowers are gonna fuck you all, you fucking Targs.

  26. I died at his face when he heard the scream in the crowd...the way his eyebrows raised ...🤣💀

  27. Lou a SIMP! He killed crown over some community pussy but used crown going to Raq as the excuse as to why he choked Crown to death lmao lou a bitch 😂

  28. Lou killed Crown because of ... "you ain't nothing but Raq's baby brother"...that's why.

  29. I think it’s mostly cuz of the Great Houses, only House Stark and House Arryn would consider their oaths as unbreakable. All the other Houses break their Oath to Rhaenyra, or would have broken it under different circumstances.

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