1. Hot bagels abroad in Bloomfield is amazing, not sure on kosher status though. What would make a bagel kosher? (That’s a sincere and serious question)

  2. Thank you all for the suggestions!!! I have to decide which to make, but they all look great!

  3. Before kids, nothing. Now I have kids, every. Single. Damn. Film.

  4. Haha. So many movies and shows are just unwatchable and upsetting to me now

  5. A bunch of NJ state websites are like this! Don't ask me why?

  6. Tabor Pizzeria is way overblown, every pie there I get is bland and dry. Basically anyone else in the area does better. Palermo's, Annabella's, Mangiano...

  7. Dude, it's just summer. A couple hot days don't dry up the rivers. But it's summer so flows are normally low. Go enjoy the Watkins Glen falls, Seneca falls, Taughannock falls etc and then come back to them in the spring after the snow melt starts for the big flows

  8. I just listened to it! Absolutely amazing album. The show is amazing as well!

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