Tried remaking the Battle of Naboo opening in Unreal Engine

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  1. Looks like aim-assist is the best thing in the game to me

  2. "would no doubt be responsible for a large amount of UFO sightings" right.......................................... a large amount. pfft

  3. You didn't say, but I'm guessing your brother never apologized to you for this before he asked to see his nephew? He never said that he regretted saying it and that perhaps he was too upset and emotional after losing a friend? From what I've read here you only say that your parents asked you if he could see them. I just feel like there are some details missing so at this point I would say ESH. Just seems too obvious you are looking for validation. And another thing that's obvious - of course your brother is an asshole. But did he apologize? Did he ask you to forgive him for saying what he said at the funeral? I mean I cant imagine him saying that and then going back on it and wanting to see your son without seeking forgiveness. It just doesn't make sense. Words can hurt, but they can also heal. Idk. This whole story sounds fishy to me. Need more info.

  4. i hope you fucking killed it right after the pic was taken

  5. Interesting how the dad just left the kid behind. His animal instincts finally kicked in. "Fuck this, I can make another one"

  6. I remember a show years ago that proved Kansas is flatter than a pancake.

  7. Well, I mean, the Earth is flat, so yeah

  8. and my wife said giving birth was hard... pfft..

  9. There is a big fireworks show every night at Disneyland

  10. I didnt tell my doctor. But after 2 years of being on keto my wife asked me to go to the doctor to get a checkup because she was worried about all the fat I was eating. So I went and got a full checkup with blood work. When I talked to my doctor about the results the first thing he asked me was "are you an athlete?" which made me laugh. I have a desk job for 12 hours a day and play video games as a hobby. The doctor said that my blood work was perfect except for one thing - my overall cholesterol was slightly high but my good cholesterol (HDL) was the highest he had ever seen so I had nothing to worry about. So I told him I was on keto and although he seemed confused he said that it seemed to be working well for me

  11. Why is it that every article written about men has a snide and sneering tone to it? Yet they demand our respect and protection and all we get from them is insults, accusations, ridicule and blame?

  12. Because it's easier for women to pull men down than to lift themselves up

  13. not sure why but i was laughing my ass off watching this. the part where the gibby tries to leave but cant really got me lol

  14. It's turning blue! That's high grade stuff. Could be Peruvian flake

  15. oh yeah that's the stuff right there. did you top the last one? or either of them?

  16. Didn't top or lst them I just let them do their thing. I did lst the 2 dark devils that I grew with them though because I knew they would be taller. But yeah that last Skywalker didn't have much of a main cola but was a full lb (wet weight) heavier than the other Skywalker

  17. I'm not great at describing smells but I would say somewhere between a musky forest floor and lemons. Loamy and lemony? haha

  18. If you throw it on an enemy if gives a status effect that makes all mob enemies prioritize them

  19. yeah like prowler bait for the bow - if you hit an enemy with a baited arrow it makes the prowlers go after them for 30 seconds or something

  20. I'll be honest - I thought this was a troll until I watched your youtube video because i thought you just posted a clip from the movie. great work man!

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