1. It is generally not considered rude to follow up with a potential employer after an interview. In fact, it can show that you are interested and enthusiastic about the position. It's possible that the hiring director and the recruiter have been busy with the conference and other tasks, and have not yet had a chance to respond to your emails.

  2. That's what I'm hoping is the case with the lack of communication that I've been getting. I'll go ahead leave a voice-mail on Monday to politely follow up on the status of the short-listing. I don't really want to send a third email since the first two were essentially the same thing - expressing gratitude and requesting a follow-up. Thank you for the advice and well wishes. What you told me has put me somewhat at ease.

  3. I was really impressed with that arcade when I visited on a whim. It’s family friendly but vibey enough for a date, there’s a great selection of games, everyone working there was super nice, and there’s a bar in the back that has fun cocktails + the prices aren’t crazy for the area. I didn’t know there was an escape room nearby, I want to do then then hit the arcade again lol

  4. It wasn't a scan, but I went ahead and warped and stitched together a limited run cover for yah, feel free to use it if you want in my other post on the main page!

  5. Wow! It looks incredible! Thanks so much for taking the time to do that. I really appreciate it, friend!

  6. I do hope they decide to remake/master Dirge of Cerberus. It’s not the stories fault the gameplay was so poor. I feel it was an awesome and fun sequel-ish to FF7.

  7. I was thinking that we'd be getting a similar remake/remaster of the Dirty Dirge sometime in between Rebirth and Part 3. For new players, they'd have been introduced to Vincent at this point and with the right amount of planning, Squenix could re-tweak the gameplay to help bring it closer to modern day standards. It definitely needs that.

  8. Is that Spindashdude as Cloud? If so, I love his work!

  9. Yes, thats correct! His Cloud has improved so much over the last few years.

  10. Absolutely! I've been following his Instagram page for a couple of years and it's been awesome seeing all of the pieces of his costume evolve.

  11. Not to be that guy but do you have any examples of it making the crew umcomfortable? I noticed the strap on comment but hardly anyone even reacted it seemed like it wasn't an issue

  12. That's just the thing, she makes comments like that all the time, the rest of the people in the room sit there quietly for a second or two and someone tries to change the subject. Nobody ever flat-out says "I'm uncomfortable" or anything like that, but you can see it in their body-language and you can hear it in the awkward silences and how nobody else ever reciprocates her comments.

  13. If Part 2 ends where I think/hope it ends - after the events of the City of the Ancients, then some sorrowful word like 'Repent', or some take on the word 'Return', or even 'Recompense' or 'Revenge' might be suitable. I'm sure it won't be that low-effort, as I'm just spitballing, but that's what I'm thinking it might be called. Like you, I'm hoping that 'Reunion' is the Part 3/final installment in the Remake project.

  14. I always knew that Ben only cared about the almighty dollar. MinnMax is a place about games, friends, and getting RICHER!

  15. Does this mean that there's a clip out there with an adorable little Cloud sitting on papa Barrett's shoulder?! GIVE IT TO US! 🤣

  16. I'm astounded that this expert level of athleticism is going on and no one around him is paying any attention to it.

  17. That would be a great edition! This costume is available in the PS4 version of Dissidia too and I like to rock this outfit every now and then just for old time's sake.

  18. Idk man Swan Soup and Purple Reign are two of his strongest songs in the band. The last 1/3 of the album is sick.

  19. That's fair. I do really like those songs...but for all of the other albums, I like pretty much all of the songs on them. So this one hardly ever comes up in my rotation to re-listen.

  20. Most likely not. LIGHTS has black hair and LUN has pink hair. It's very easy to overlook that fact.

  21. This isn't a plot hole or anything, just something that I've always wondered - So does Peter Quill have two jackets? The long trench coat and the short jacket? Or is it one jacket that he can modify or transform? He switches between them and the top part is identical so I've always just wondered if it's the same jacket.

  22. Plant Power and Monty's are soo incredible. They also bring so many non-veggies to open their minds to meatless food!!

  23. My family and I eat at Plant Power and Monty's all the time! And in the Riverside area, there's a new local owned place called

  24. Faith in humanity restored.. selfless actions like these really inspire me.

  25. Kingston's family have set up a Go Fund Me to help pay for his medical bills. Please help spread the word.

  26. Amazing collection! All you're missing from the mainline series here is III. Have you ever played it before? 😊

  27. I know that she was on their 2010 album already but I'd love for LIGHTS to collab further with Bring Me The Horizon - especially considering how much that band has grown and evolved.

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