“Everyone's saying no”: Trump hires Florida insurance lawyer as top attorneys refuse to work for him

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  1. Another tough episode, Bryan can be so funny but he's just been super misdirected these days. I have no complaints whatsoever about anything with Walt or really anything on the Patreon. Hearing over 20 minutes of complaining about "millennials", a group of people in their mid to late 30's as if they were teenagers is exhausting. Not to mention extremely hypocritical considering everything seems to offend him. I really hope at some point he reads some of these reddit comments and looks at it as constructive criticism and not just a bunch of "crybaby millennials liberals"

  2. He is never on the internet. He doesn't pay attention to social media. He doesn't have time for that! /s

  3. Same boat. Gone from being a must listen each week to catching up with 2-3 and now I jump in to what ever the latest is. Regularly don’t make it through a full ep. Kept patreon cause it was light on Johnston and Q but after a bunch of rubbish eps dropped that to.

  4. As a fellow homeless cat, I'm here when the base fully turns. Walt Flanagan just needs to dip out and Q won't be far behind.

  5. 9 minutes before we hit a Bryan staple: “So now I gotta adjust my behavior because of some other person!”

  6. That's a good point about the loss of her Grandfather. Obviously everything is played as a bit so who knows what the reality is, but he does seem to make himself out as a bit of a dick in that situation.

  7. Well put. I will say if it is a bit, it's not really a good one. He really needs to come up with new material. As Bobby Lee said recently on another podcast, Ringo could have left the Beatles. If Walt Flanagan steps down or decides to do his own thing without Bry, it may be a harsh reality for Bryan Johnson.

  8. I mean, still….they’re both pussies. They throw little jabs but refuse to go all out.

  9. It must be difficult to be a fighter who gets hit in the head repeatedly and not realize when they are being used and abused. I'm sure it happens in all sports and Hollywood, but Paddy hasn't realized that he is getting sex trafficked by his manager, who is in bed with Dana and the UFC.

  10. Wait are we pretending like Paddy is the victim now?

  11. You have compassion, something Gringo Papi lacks. He needs some humble pie and less Tiger Thiccc

  12. Maribeth's just laying the groundwork to kill Bry and get that sweet Pateron money.

  13. Wouldn't be worth it. I wonder if she ever feels like she is living with a shitty customer from her Ruby Tuesday days.

  14. I love Bry. Mike was the only one I found to be insufferable and he is gone.

  15. Wow. I actually forgot about Dicey Mikey. Yeah he was an after thought.

  16. I wish the genius content creators behind thefighterandthekid subreddit would do some videos of Bry "Potato Chip" Johnson.

  17. I love these style episodes, especially for Halloween or Christmas. Nostalgia from Tell em Steve Dave. Thank you guys. Made my night.

  18. Just like they were going down in 2020 when Trump lost. Life isn't fair, get used to it. Suck it up buttercup. If you don't like it, leave.

  19. I repent the sin of having watched this. What a waste of time. I repent typing this comment as well. More wasted time

  20. Dirty Heads. Very underrated live band. I go see them every time they come to Vegas.

  21. Love it ! I see them every year at Red Rocks! Also have another show coming up in August !

  22. Red Rocks is on my bucket list of venues to attend. The Gorge is up there as well. Dirty Heads and Rebelution are bands I have to see whenever I get a chance.

  23. Get out there and fucking vote, people. Because the religious voters are organized and have been plotting these ruling for decades. It's going to be a dark time for a while..

  24. I have. I was told our future depended on it. Looks like I held up my end of the bargain. Doesn't seem like they are holding up theirs.

  25. Trust me, I will. I have come to the realization that Superman isn't coming, and the least worse option is the system America has been in my lifetime. I'm just grateful I married a Mexican citizen for a chance at citizenship.

  26. Do you also think he believes that some streets don't have lights because we are sending money to Ukraine?

  27. For someone who “doesn’t talk politics” and “doesn’t get offended”, Bry sure does do both an awful lot.

  28. Below a certain level CA and AZ are cut off from Lake Mead. This decision has no impact on Nevada.

  29. California will have more power when push comes to shove. I hope not, but the 3rd highest GDP in the world usually gets what they want.

  30. Agreed, but where would he find the time to put it together...

  31. He doesn't check the internet anymore, so that opens up 4 hours a day minimum.

  32. I think you missed the word Recovering. It definitely makes it look like somebody is desperate to stop drinking, and non alcoholic beer is the methadone treatment.

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