1. Writing could be a super cool way to relive some of those experiences. You can explore those life times more and maybe be able to connect with them in a new way. Might help, might also be a best-selling book ;) sounds like you had some pretty cool adventures

  2. It was definitely a unique time and there will probably never be its "equal" but I do think that another story somewhere, at some time, will grip the hearts and imaginations of many people like "Harry Potter".

  3. It's okay I got riled up for about 20 seconds until I realized that this was an intentionally cut video. Then I went to investigating and found out it wasn't so heinous.

  4. The manor at the top of the hill had been vacant for as long as anyone could remember. It had become a community haunt, a place where young kids ventured to get a fright, and a hideout for criminals who were desperate enough to brave it. It was mostly falling apart but there was some evidence that someone had been tending to the necessary big repairs as they arose. But that stopped abruptly about five years ago, and now the place was truly beginning to fall to pieces.

  5. I opened my door, the exhaustion of the day resting heavily on my shoulders. My house was silent, which was slightly odd since Odin was usually at the door ready to meet me. I tossed my keys into their bowl and called out, "Odin, here boy."

  6. Sure a destination wedding is cheesy but, hey, what isn't when it comes to a ceremony when two people pledge their endless love to one another?

  7. Kimberly knew one thing for sure: never give your real name to a fairy. So when the tiny humanoid creature with sparkling dragon-fly-like wings asked her for her name she said: Isabella. She had always loved that name and had given it to most of her dolls when she was younger. She was now in that awkward between age where she was too old to play with dolls but also too young to be involved in really anything adult-related.

  8. Through snowy mountain passages, inside ancient caves carved of stone, and around giant tree roots the Princess had traveled. Her riding cloak was tattered and well-worn but still held it's majestic, deep purple color. The Princess, a tall woman with emerald eyes and thick, auburn hair rode atop her trusty stead, Featherfoot, a large and white horse. The only color on Featherfoot was her main which was a bright silver tone that sparkled in the moonlight. The Princess jumped off the back of Featherfoot and stretched. Days of constant ridings had taken its toll on her and Featherfoot's bodies.

  9. "Right?!"" The Princess said, "And the journey to rescue these being's isn't even the worst of it! I also have to face my sisters who feel like I stole their thrones or something. My one sister isn't relevant anymore actually... she married the man she'd been having a secret affair with in defiance of my parents and moved across the continent."

  10. Yasmine lit a torch as she made her way down the damp steps that led into the passageway. The walls of the cave her moist and covered in blue and green mushrooms that glowed dully in the blackness. Yasmine wasn't exactly sure what she was looking for so she followed the cave timidly. She was terrified, but she knew this was something she had to do, so she would push through it. No matter how dark it was. Or how many spiderwebs she walked through.

  11. "Hello?" A voice said as someone approached the camp. Whoever they were they were tall with long limbs. They were adorned in shimmering silver armor and had various weapons by their side. As they stepped into the firelight Yasmine couldn't help but gasp and jump back.

  12. A single beam of light cascaded down from a hole in the cave roof, illuminating a single object in the center of the room. Along the walls were decorative drawings depicting who I imagined to be Pandora herself. She was a classic beauty drawn nude with long lavender hair and bright blue eyes. Along the sides of the cave were streams of crystal clear water full of vibrantly colored fish.

  13. "I don't know..." I said. "I suppose the need to know the answer is a blessing and a curse upon humanity." The shadow seemed to consider my words. She came to a stop under the opening to the night sky. There she stood for a moment, a beauty decorated in glittering moonlight. She turned towards me, her eyes brightly alive with an intense emotion.

  14. "I-" I started but then thought better of lying. She would be able to see right though my lies anyway. "I'm curious."

  15. "Please professor," Maggie said, leaning forwards attentively. Her light brown hair swung in the wind that rushed through the open window. It was facing the mountains and the mountains brought with them endless memories for me. "Tell us why you founded this school."

  16. I felt the greeting inside my chest. I looked around and saw only beauty. Golden sunlight kissed the bright green trees. The mountains stood tall in the distance. I wanted to take in a breath of true air. I had only ever breathed in manufactured air. Earthlings would never understand.I was home. Finally.

  17. A boney hand emerged from the soil, grasping at the air. Saul rolled his eyes and stepped on the hand, squishing it back into the soil.

  18. "Yes, tis I! Lord Albert Lindengrass the fifth." The young, slim man appeared at my cave entrance in all the regalia of a spoiled young Lord. He was draped in a purple wool cloak that had a distinct orange glow encircling it, a warmth spell to ensure the young Lord didn't get a cold. What a wimp. His hair was long and golden, nearly too golden, and he had with him an entire staff who were carrying his bags, vast in number. This wasn't an adventurer worthy of my blessing so I scoffed and turned back to my work. The young man struck a pose, waited, and then walked towards me with a huff.

  19. "Some of them have," Lord Albert said, then his lifted his arm and I realized he had lost a hand. "But my damn mouth got me into a lot of trouble."

  20. My back hit the grass and my breath was knocked out of my lungs. I gasped as he placed his absurdly designed boot on my chest, an action that pushed me right back into the ground, knocking my head against a rock. The rain was getting in my eyes and I blinked away a blurry silhouette of a mighty warrior. He stood, battle axe in hand, rain washing the blood off of his beard. He might've looked beautiful if it wasn't for the glow in his red eyes.

  21. That's awesome! I have been taking more quiet walks too and I'm truly beginning to enjoy being outside in nature with just whatever thoughts come to mind.

  22. The entire room was consumed with utter silence as Ashley held the dodgeball in her hand. Beads of sweat gathered at her hairline and she took in a deep breath. This was it, the game to end all games. Her heart was beating in her ears and her stomach was turning. She wasn't sure if she was excited or about to vomit from nerves, maybe both.

  23. I think anyone who currently see's themselves as sane, well-adjusted people would also "lose their shit" in this kind of situation.

  24. King Gerald strut into my chambers in full plate mail and a sword at his side. He stood straight and cleared his throat.

  25. I watched the light extinguish from the angel's eyes and felt relief wash over me. The same feeling that consumes you when a great task, or mission, is finally complete. As the being of light turned dark and fell, however, I noticed something I had not considered: a baby.

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