1. Yes! I only recently realized overstimulation leads to me having meltdowns that seem like mood swings to everyone else. I too need to hide away for a bit to calm down.

  2. I recently bought a mammut 9.5 crag classic rope and have used it about 5 times so far. When lowering my partner off a route today I noticed two bumpy sections in the rope as they passed through my atc. They kind of feel like the core has been twisted inside the sheath, but there’s no visible damage to the sheath and the core still passes the pinch test. The spots aren’t near the ends or middle of the rope and it doesn’t seem like the sheath has slipped at all. I couldn’t find anything online that accurately described what it feels like. Does anyone know what this is? Is it dangerous?

  3. I had severe PMDD. I tried Lupron which puts you into a drug induced menopause! I no longer had suicidal thoughts for two weeks every month. My gyno and I agreed that menopause was my only option bc my PMDD was so severe. I had a full hysterectomy 5 years ago and it saved my life! If you’re struggling maybe Lupron could be an option for you.

  4. First of all, your boyfriend should not be upset with you about this! This is a big deal, having a stranger move in. I would be reacting the same way that you are. Is there an option for you to move out? You shouldn't have to be in an uncomfortable situation. I am really sorry you're struggling

  5. i have the opposite problem. my chest is too small for bras. Officially I'm a 32A i guess but they're way smaller than other A cups I've seen. I don't have any boobs really. Ive given up on bras because no matter what, the straps always fall off and I can never actually fill the cup. Because of all this putting on bras makes me really insecure as well so I no longer wear them

  6. I've felt this with every relationship that I've been in. I think I've come to the conclusion that I am just not a relationship kind of person. I think with time you may begin to feel a little better. If not, don't feel bad about it! If it doesn't feel right, you don't have to continue dating.

  7. I'm in the same boat! I've been struggling this semester. I feel out of place and have a hard time getting to know people. For me, it's related to depression and anxiety. I don't handle change well, and being far away from friends and family is a struggle. I hope you get things sorted out.

  8. This. Is. Abusive. Does he usually treat you with such disrespect?

  9. Swimming is my absolute favorite!!! I could swim for hours and usually do in the summer. Glad that you’ve found something you enjoy.

  10. Sounds like PMDD to me. I had two weeks every month where I couldn't function. Yaz was the best for me, took it continuously so I wouldn't get a period.

  11. I’m always asked “are you from the south” no ma’am I am not, I’m from New England

  12. I struggled for years with PMDD, and could only function a week out of every month! Had a full hysterectomy because I couldn't take it anymore

  13. Could this be a meltdown? I find myself sobbing over things I’m sure others would consider minor inconveniences. It’s not stupid to be upset over it, it’s alright. Try not to be too hard on yourself, you’re allowed to feel the way that you do.

  14. Hey! I really only hang out with people 10ish years younger than I am. I find that I am a little behind people my age in terms of life, as I am just going to college now. I just don't feel like I can really relate to anyone my age.

  15. Prana Kanab pants are awesome! I’m 5’1” around 100lb. They fit like a dream and have huge pockets! I think they have some on sale rn too

  16. Yes! I moved cities, lost my roommate/best friend, and started a hard program all at once. It took 3 months for me to adjust.

  17. Thanks for your reply! I think you made a good point about exploring. I'll have to find some spots to check out

  18. Absolutely! I really struggle with change, especially when that change stems from a permanent loss (moving, graduating, loss of loved ones, etc.). I often find myself stuck on the past, sometimes for years, when I lose something important to me. I dream of returning to my old house like once a week. I’m actually considering buying a new home that looks like my old home (if I can find one here when I put my current place up for sale) just because I cannot deal with the change. 😂 I could buy something even nicer this time, but I want the same home style (it was a super popular, mass produced home) or as close as possible. I really miss home. I’m just not equipped to deal with change well. Like many ASD folks, I like things to stay the same as much as possible, but for many people, that’s just not congruent with how life works.

  19. Your story about your old house is so relatable! It's hard to let go of something you've loved for so long. Thanks for your reply. We ought to be truly proud of ourselves!

  20. I used to watch the Princess Diaries literally every weekend. My sister and I would rent a movie and then when that was done we would watch Princess Diaries AND all the DVD extras. I've probably seen it ~50 times.

  21. Maybe it's burnout or something but I've been told several times that I am mean, this is coming from men in my friend group. I think because I am female they expect me to be overly nice and prioritize their comfort. As I've gotten older I've realized that being nice leads to people walking all over you. I just don't have the energy for it anymore.

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