1. Interesting. I think that's definitely true of the movie itself: I mean, it was made for a smaller budget than the others, with more limited special effects and was just generally a smaller, more quaint and less intense movie than many of the ones that would come after,

  2. I can hardly put it into words but im some sense the original trilogy and its score is very romanticised and in such does not really strike a chord with me. I do recognise the beauty and also the incredible ambition of the movies for their times. But because the prequels have a more gritty feel to them aswell as the score, they just resonante more with me personally. My favourite is Revenge of the Sith. With all that said I consider the Star Wars movies to be good but I would never put them in my Top Movies of all time.

  3. Ist das rechts Rutger Hauer oder täuschen mich meine Augen? Das Weich-Licht im Hintergrund bestätigt mir meine Theorie.

  4. Blade Runner: 2049 not being nominated for either Best Picture, Best Director nor Best Original Score. That Shape of Water won Best Picture is still very mindboggling to me.

  5. Was this the same one as the one where he broke down raindrops and their value awhile ago?

  6. No it was fairly recent where he broke down the values of Soul Ring, Ring of Basilius and Falcon Blade and when to get which one of these options. Here is the link:

  7. Ring of Aquila? Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in awhile

  8. I am pretty sure that when the Battle Pass released they accidentally leaked that there will be a second style unlock for the hero sets, so they will most likely do the second cavern crawl map switch like someone else already mentioned.

  9. I struggle with making phone calls too but while working in a Callcenter where you constantly take calls I learned that the fear of making or accepting the call is actually way more stressing than the actual call. So I look at it more like having a stress relief when I finally actually get to talk and don't stress about it. I am pretty gifted in communicating with people though.

  10. Oh you are right, I don't know why I thought it was german lol

  11. If you really want to relax I'd recommend Dorfromantik or Islanders. Neat puzzle games with a super relaxing atmospherie and visuals.

  12. Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Pisces, Gemini Ascendant

  13. Hi! New to dota, why is it important to secure the range creep?

  14. The range creep gives you the most gold and xp bounty from lasthitting (excluding siege creep). A ranged creep gives 43-52 gold and 69 xp (nice). A melee creep gives 34-39 gold and 57 xp. This makes the range creep a very high value target for both last hits and denies.

  15. aside from this, does it have any significant effects on the lane equilibrium?

  16. By constantly pulling creep aggro you can pull the enemy melee creeps into your range creep which will most likely result in the same scenario with the enemy range creep (if he is pulling creep aggro too). This gives you an easy opportunity to deny your range creep and will also get the enemy range creep into last hit range quickly. without the range creep you can drag the wave further back, because they don't deaggro that easily from attacking range creeps. I am "only" Legend 1 though so my insights may be taken with a little bit of caution.

  17. I have and we are approaching 2 years now. But I honestly would still recommend others to search for their partner in real life. Tinder sucks ass and can make you feel really bad.

  18. I’m currently in the progress of trying to get diagnosed, GP sent a referral but he said it’s an at least a 2 year wait. How long did you wait until you chose right to choose. Or would you recommend go straight private?

  19. I'm in the same situation (I live in Germany though) and I would say it depends on the urgency of the situation. My 3rd Semester will start in October and I want to already be diagnosed and have started with treatment by then so that I can actually get my projects done. I already pushed a lot of projects and exams so I really don't want to add more to the list and get a degree in the near future. (I'm 24) So I decieded to go to a private psychotherapist who can diagnose me and then I am more free to get treatment elsewhere but at least I have a diagnosis.

  20. I’ve just graduated would have failed if it wasn’t for my friends and many coursework extensions. Manage to go through the interview process to land my dream job. Want to get assessed before I start because I know I won’t have my friends making sure I’ve done my work on time, attend lectures ect. Really stressing me out as I don’t want to mess up this opportunity

  21. First of all that sounds very great! Also that you have such supportive friends and all. I totally feel you with the stress such a situation puts on yourself. I am also very stressed because I pay A LOT for my studies and so I also work besides attending university. I really think it is manageable und can be very beneficial but I don't think I can do it how things are going. So yeah I thought I want to make it and if I have to pay a private therapist for the diagnosis but I get it way earlier, then I am willing to do it.

  22. Get comfortable and close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing and body. How your body feels in the position you are in what it is touching, maybe a breeze blowing in your face. Your blood pumping through your veins. Don't try to stop thoughts or not to think. Just accept the thoughts or noises that come out of your brain and let them pass by. Do this for 17 Minutes and you should be calm and at least not annoyed by anything your brain spits out. This is general advice. It will help with focus a lot.

  23. So I don't really know what this test is what you are talking about but the concepts mentioned do not work that way.

  24. No problem. I would say that you shouldn't take my word for granted here and I might have misinterpreted or misphrased some stuff. I find it incredibly hard to put these concepts into a few sentences.

  25. I am reading a lot of Carl Jung recently and the people that are described in your post and the comments might be your soul. The Soul or anima/animus (male soul/female soul) are a common character in peoples dreams. The love you feel is the love for your own soul, and you often feel like the other person loves you aswell. You might want to get into your unconscious and reconnect with your soul and follow her. Thats where the Siren archetype is coming from aswell. The beautiful women that calls to seamen, and they fall in love with them.

  26. Dream: Director or Actor Current: Working Student in Customer Support (I study Media Design)

  27. I would really advise you to not smoke. Smoking is just gonna push the pain and healing further back. Sometimes you have to feel like shit or work even though you are hurting. Weed is an escape from suffering. But through suffering you will get so much stronger.

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