1. It's not Microsoft who changed it, but WG! Microsoft can't decide what in game currency you will receive for duplicate ship.

  2. Since last HotFix I have really sound issues too. I hear all the time planes in the background like flying over allthough there in no CV in match neither there is a plane from cruiser/bb in vacanity! it's drive me crazy....

  3. Event currency is always at end of next update converted to silver.

  4. Additionally, the Brewing Storm Campaign does not feature the "Double Strike" achievement in its weekly Heroic Effort Challenges.

  5. One brings me joy, the other is dealing with blue team.

  6. Or even better do your "historical role" and park ship near carrier to give him "historical" support as carriers are in game because of "historical" reasons, ROFL.

  7. You know how complicated things get with each paragraph. So i really can't help you with that, since we can't dive deep in to WG policies and Marketing Departments. Only official WG CMs can help you with these and clarify their statements about those terms and Conditions.

  8. Can you get official statement from some of ours CM about this? It will very helpfull to known if we will really have right to request refund for "new" ships if they nerf it after couple of months after the release? I don't want to participate in WG cash-grab operation....

  9. That and there's a very large credit paywall in front of that, which will substantially decrease the number of people interested. Carriers already aren't nearly as popular as other classes, I think it'll really only be the players with empty bureaus, over a hundred million credits, or both who will pick those up. Or just those rare, dedicated oddballs who only play carriers.

  10. Actually NO. Currently sitting on 330M, sadly empty bureau; but no interest in spending credits ton something that additionally need to be researched and probably never played. I will say somebody at WG get it totally wrong...

  11. If I had 330m I'd do it, since what else are you going to need those credits for and you may as well get a ship sometime in the future basically for free.

  12. I guess it depends how much silver you have.....i stockpiled a 100 million plus which I only ever used on ship upgrades etc so although its a cheek on WGs part, I did fork out the 30 million for the Midway, but have already made over 7 million of that back up.

  13. I have 300+ millions, BUT why should I give 30M for something that I need to research for at least 2 Months and probably never, I repeat never play?

  14. Weimar needed a bit of a buff moving it into T7, HP and another consumable

  15. What Weimar, LoL? I can't remember last time I saw one..... Since moved to T7 it's dead ship.

  16. They broke something this isn’t planned. I was just able to get in and I am no longer able to buy the doubloons.

  17. Also just noticed there is no more option to buy Admiralty backing for 9000 gold (not that I will buy, but it was always there), now only 2500 and full cca 27k - 29k.

  18. I think it is directed towards Plimuth as this ship will be Weimar 2 and prevent refund in advance... legal Cash grab...

  19. wow gd win on the commendations i bid 8mill was gonna do 7 before

  20. To me it seems the XP will directly be deposited towards your T8s so let's say you have 150k on Iowa you will get 150k XP on Iowa immediately. As for the ships without 8s currently I'm not sure that's got me questioning.

  21. Actually you get 250k on Iowa in your example, 100k till ship modules was full researched and 150k elite XP!

  22. For me more issue is that russian cv plains spot ships on 2D base!!! Seems like this game have no clues about 3D...

  23. Pretty much death by a thousand cuts philosophy

  24. They must adjus prices!! We pay already for T7 way way more then T10 pc

  25. Only if WG changed something recently... Since PS5 come out and they delivered patch with support for PS5, it runned at 1080p x 60 fps in performance mod.

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