1. Around 16 years ago, my family and I started becoming familiar with a doomsday cult (we didn’t know it was that at the time) called Most Holy Family Monastery (MHFM). Unfortunately, my older brother was the one most convinced by this cult. This caused so many unnecessary problems between family. From him having heavy disagreements with our parents to him falling out with extended family.

  2. Have u done a charmless demon bell run yet?

  3. Imagine being on a trail somewhere in the mountains and one of these bad boys casually rolls past

  4. Will you stop already!!! By the words of many chiefs of bands throughout Canada it was not the tradition to mark graves so why is this being promoted as something bad. Many cultures and peoples throughout history has had the tradition of unmarked graves or graves that were just marked with wooden markers knowing that in the lapse of time they would be forgotten. If you look around the world now, there are fewer and fewer graveyards being used due to cremation and people just using urns that then sit on shelves in closets for years.

  5. How many policy failures are we going to accept? I’m voting ABL.

  6. Pretty presumptuous of you to still believe in an electoral system that is not rigged. The past two elections "may have been" interfered with; what's one more for the road? Amirite?

  7. Someone at the WHO is picturing himself in the dock for Numerburg 2.0 and trying to get ahead of it.

  8. That precendent already existed unfortunately, this ruling is in keeping with plenty of previous jurisprudence. Personally, I would absolutely favour automatic exclusion of any evidence obtained through Charter breach but that hasnt been the case for a long time, if ever, in Canada.

  9. Can you imagine how nice it would be if Canadian courts did that? I mean, cops have been shown over and over again to screw around with people's rights, plant evidence, obtain evidence unlawfully, etc., but courts are still like, 'n'ah, it's fine'. Given what is going on with federal politics recently, this doesn't surprise me. In fact, nothing surprises me, anymore.

  10. Have you read the decision? You seriously think you have more critical thinking ability then the entire SCC?

  11. Prediction: 1 year later, report shows "some interference, but it didn't affect the results!"

  12. 38 million people in Canada and Justin picks a family friend to investigate himself for possible foreign interference. You can't make this shit up. Canada under the Trudeau Liberals is a banana republic.

  13. That's what I thought too. But check others' comments. It seems that because Harper chose DJ to be GG, then it's okay for Trudeau to hire him. Banana republic, indeed.

  14. Please note that the "cOmMiTteE" he asked for review is none other than NSICOP. According to the most liked comment to this NP article, NSICOP doesn't answer to the House of Commons, but to the PMO. The PMO selects the committee, the current chair is a liberal MP and they are subject to a gag order.

  15. But the matter of treason and collusion with a foreign hostile regime won’t be much ado about nothing.

  16. I don't think anyone is denying the seriousness of this issue. I'm just pointing out how easy/quickly such serious issue can be minimized/marginalized by the current fed. government. Sad, but true.

  17. What do you mean by "certain juice adults"? Why not be a man and say what you really meant, certain JEWISH adults?

  18. User-name checks out. Read the title again and then shake your head. I was referring to the clot shots. And who the fuck uses "juice" as a slur for Jews, anyways?

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