1. My vet recommended waiting after her first cycle as well and then half way up to the next (End of first cycle + 3 month) so hormone level are as balanced as possible.

  2. How bad was the heat cycle? I’ve never had a dog have a heat, and my roommate has a (neutered) male dog, so I’m a bit worried about it!

  3. my black lab was one of the most wonderful pets ever, but the shedding was insane!!! it was the craziest stuff ever. temperament wise, he couldn’t be beat though. he was sweet and gentle, and LOVED cuddles

  4. That's great! Let us know what the autopsy says. That's a good idea about the memorial. Not sure how it works in your country but you can bury him in your yard or cremate him and have an urn, spread the ashes somewhere special, make a necklace out of the ashes, etc. just some ideas.

  5. Hi there—I just got the results. Beau passed from acute congestive heart failure on the right side… my vet told me that this one is particularly bad because there aren’t obvious symptoms to look for. With left sided heart issues, there are more obvious signs (like coughing), but right sided presents very subtly. No answer was going to make me happy, but I feel somewhat better knowing it wasn’t my fault and also that he most likely wasn’t in any kind of long-term pain (even short term, as he was very out of it when this all happened). She said that they really can just be fine until they go into congestive heart failure—similar to how some people just unexpectedly pass from a heart attack.

  6. I'm glad the results turned out this way because as you say he didn't suffer for long, it happened rather quickly. You did everything you could. Even if you were at the vets when it was actually happening i doubt they'd be able to help even then. You've done everything you could for your boy and never think otherwise. It's ok to miss him and to grieve for him but don't blame yourself as there's nothing to blame yourself for. He looks super happy in the photos, you gave him a happy and an amazing life. You were his everything and he was happy. That's what matters so focus on that. I love your ideas for the memorial and everything you have planned, that's great! You boy would be proud of his human 🤎🧡💛 if you ever feel like you need a friend who understands, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Losing a pet is losing a family member and people who don't understand just never had a good bond with their dog and can be cruel with their comments. Sending love, hugs and strength your way! 🥰🤗💪 Mia

  7. Thank you so so much Mia. Your comment made me tear up, it was so incredibly sweet. All I can hope for is that he had a happy life. I appreciate everything, thank you 💗💗 -Taylor

  8. Hello, I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing your fur baby is so very hard, losing them in such a short timeframe makes it that much more difficult. I hope you can cherish the memories you have of you pup to help you during this time.

  9. Fellow pots / dysautonomia patient here. When I am good my resting hr is in the 60s 70s with it dipping into the 50s or high 40s while sleeping.

  10. Hi! I had covid in mid may. Prior to it, I don’t remember having the high heart rate/easy breathlessness that I have now. My heart rate can range anywhere from 90-130 while sitting or doing very light activity, like walking around my house. I’m not sure if I’m out of the period in which the post-covid symptoms should have subsided, but it’s really freaked me out 😅

  11. Btw. My symptoms are very similar to yours.

  12. That’s good to know—I will definitely bring it up at my next appointment. I plan on getting an apple watch to help me keep track of my heart rate and stuff in the very near future

  13. Had this, also various red spots everywhere. It will go away over time. Something is seriously messed up in an injection when it instantly darkens all of your veins though.

  14. Hi! Can you elaborate a bit on the red spots? I’ve been getting petechiae and my veins look similar to this picture

  15. I have been dealing with the same thing. Started right after my second infection with covid

  16. I’m sorry to hear that! It’s been awful—I have an appointment with a cardiologist later this week to rule out other things before completely settling on thinking I have LC, but at this point I feel strongly that’s what this will be. I hope you start doing better soon

  17. Hi! Tested positive on May 15th, and I’m a 22 year old girl. My experience was clinically mild in the sense that I never needed hospitalization, but it was certainly the sickest I’ve ever been in my life. I ended up getting some kind of throat infection along with my COVID, so that made it way worse. I suspect my symptoms are because of COVID, but I still have appointments with a cardiologist to rule out some other things. I started noticing petechiae on my legs several weeks ago—I’ve had about five clusters. I have had horrible fatigue, I’ve hardly left my room this summer. The breathlessness and chest tightness is certainly the worst for me. Walking up the stairs makes my heart pound like crazy and makes me so short of breath. The manual breathing is a perfect description—like every breath takes effort and intention. This has all really freaked me out… I’ve never felt so physically weak in my life, I literally can’t do anything without experiencing these symptoms it feels like.

  18. Do you experience shortness of breath at rest or only when you exert yourself in some way? Regarding activity triggering LC, I have read it on this sub quite a bit. I am no expert but there's lots of evidence here that a fast return to exercise has initiated long haul symptoms.

  19. It seems like it’s only when I am exerting myself in some way, though it happens pretty easily.

  20. Yes! Got sick May 15 and just this week I'm getting close to normal. My initial sickness was only three days but it's been 6 weeks of exhaustion. 42F, zero medical history pre-covid.

  21. I tested positive on May 15th and was sick for about a week, but the fatigue popped up later! I didn’t take note at first, but it’s really affecting my life now. I’ve hardly gone outside this summer, or even left my room for that matter… Luckily, I’m fresh out of college and my parents are letting my spend the summer with them for now, but hopefully I’ll be back to normal this fall when I start working. Not sure if this falls into the scope of fatigue, but I notice when I have to walk for a bit (usually in grocery stores) I get this heaviness in my chest and it’s really difficult to catch my breath. This has for sure been the hardest aspect of post covid for me

  22. I’ve been debilitated by long covid for over a year now. Was in the best shape of my life when I caught covid, now I can’t do much of anything. Hope it gets better for you. If not, I recommend checking out

  23. oh wow… i’m so sorry you have had to deal with that. i hope it’ll improve. thank you for leaving the link though

  24. my snapchat memories from a few years back popped up a while ago and it was just pics of me crying after watching that episode :’)

  25. Unpopular opinion: Pitous death, thats not a fight, thats just murder, Gon was the most wholesome kid and became a fuckin monster, i was crying with him.

  26. that’s a fair point, but i feel the need to point out that pitou was certainly no saint either. just ask kite! 😅 jokes aside, they really had some amazing writing with gon’s character in that arc. seeing him lose sight of his morals to cope with his grief was sad (but interesting and v compelling writing)

  27. For future use: If Viscuous Lidocaine Garlge is not helping you might try something with benzocaine: Cepacol lozenges and Chloraseptic lozenges, throat spray contain it.

  28. i used a combination of the viscous lidocaine, chloraseptic spray, and lozenges 😅 i was absolutely desperate for some relief haha

  29. sorta! i had a bacterial infection in my throat, so i had to start antibiotics. the things i mentioned gave me some relief in the moment, but overall the antibiotics are what helped me

  30. Ugh, the sore throat was some of the worst pain of my life—felt like I was swallowing fire or something. The only thing that helped me was DayQuil and this viscous lidocaine my doctor prescribed me (used in tandem with chloraseptic spray). Ice cream felt good and was about the only thing I could eat. I just had to power through drinking water, it hurt but it’s so necessary to feel better. Unfortunately there’s not a lot that I found to really help, but one last side note is that my extreme sore throat was most likely a bacterial infection. I had little white spots on my tonsils. My doctor prescribed me antibiotics and I began feeling better within a day or so. It’s worth looking at your tonsils and/or going to see a doctor. I hope you feel better soon—eat popsicles!!

  31. totally get this. i graduated from my university on saturday the 14th and got lunch afterwards with my family. my 89 year old granddad was with us and sat right next to me at lunch. saturday night, i got symptoms and got a test sunday, which was positive. i felt so so guilty about seeing him and potentially giving it to him, but i had no idea i had it, and neither did you. side note, he ended up not getting it, so hopefully that gives you some hope that you most likely didn’t spread it to anyone. please don’t feel guilty for things out of your control 💗

  32. Ugh, this is me right now! I’ve never experienced something like this. It’s my first time COVID positive, and I tested positive on Sunday. The pain was certainly the worst today for my throat—it feels like I’m swallowing glass and razor blades every time I swallow (even just spit). I have little white spots all over my tonsils, and my doctor thinks I may have some kind of bacterial infection along with COVID. Does anyone else have the spots??Nothing takes the edge off the pain, and I am seriously in some of the worst pain I’ve ever been in (bracing and grimacing every time I swallow…)

  33. UPDATE: Only semblance of relief I’ve gotten so far has been from a concoction of chloraseptic spray, dayquil, and viscous lidocaine that my doctor prescribed me after I called in literal tears after a sleepless night. The lidocaine is brutal to apply and you’ll gag at least four times but numbs the hell out of your throat, so it’s worth it

  34. am i the only one who liked seth and thought he genuinely was a good guy until the SA and other flashbacks? i was shocked when he SA Josh. also i honestly thought something romantic was going on between seth and raf until the SA happened. anyone else? i haven’t seen that mentioned on here. i did enjoy the boys scenes but i wish there was more backstory on Josh (unless i missed it?). i didn’t like Kirin until he stood up for Josh. i thought there dynamic after that was great. i wish they showed more details about how they managed to rescue Nora. it pisses me off that Rachel ended up with an amputated arm because of her rescue. also why would Gretchen put a jaguar on the island with the boys knowing that one of them could easily die? can someone also explain to me the flashback scene with Tori and Shelby and Gretchen? did Shelby dream about that in the bunker? how did she dream of something that was going to happen in the future? the Florida boys back story was unnecessary and wasted a lot of time. i wish they talked more about Henry.

  35. i totally agree about the stuff with seth. i knew from the beginning that he was the operative or whatever, but the SA was shocking and so sad. i was also thinking raf and seth would have something romantic up until that point. as for the flashback scene you’re talking about, i believe shelby was dreaming it while in the bunker. i also think it’s meant to serve as foreshadowing, as they heavily implied at the end that shelby is the new informant/operative. she obviously wouldn’t do that without reason, and i believe gretchen offered her a choice: go home, and return to “reality” where your parents will not accept you and you can’t be with toni, or stay here and continue living in the bubble world we made. obviously the island was hell for them, but for shelby, it was genuinely an escape from her reality and for the first time ever, she was able to explore sides of herself that weren’t accepted by anyone at home. (thus the red pill/blue pill matrix reference)

  36. When I tell you I audibly gasped… you have the princess hair of my dreams! Happy birthday!

  37. oh wow!! this comment just made my whole night :) thank you so so much 💗

  38. Birthday twin! Your hair is gorgeous and I hope you’ve had a most wonderful day!! 🎂

  39. happy birthday!! i hope your day was awesome as well!!

  40. please someone update if they hear more about this! he’s such a wonderful person, i hope he’s okay

  41. I missed the first one as I wasn't in Blacksburg, will there be another snowball fight?

  42. i’m not too sure to be honest, i hope so though!

  43. it was from the snowball fight today lol

  44. Are you happy with how your hair looks and feels? Because that’s how you know you’ve found the products and routine that work for you! Your hair looks beautiful, by the way!

  45. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it—I’ve actually been considering adding protein to my wash. Do you have any products that you like in particular?

  46. Hi! So I have been struggling for a while to find a good routine to follow—the first pictures are what my hair has been like the past few months (first is the most recent), and the last three pictures are what my hair was like in 2019-early 2020 using devacurl. After Feb 2020, I began my search for new products. Although I never experienced the negative side effects from DC, I’ve been very afraid to give it another chance!

  47. hi!! what do you tell your stylist for your hair cut? my hair is similar to yours, and i love how yours looks

  48. hi! psych major here. psych 1004 is actually kinda hard, i personally wouldn’t take it lol. i’ve taken both floral design and indoor plants and i highly recommend both—that said, indoor plants is less work than floral design

  49. If I am reading your products right, you have protein in every single one of them. Maybe compare the type of protein you were using in DevaCurl to the ones in your current products? Maybe they aren't working as well for you. Or maybe it never was the protein. What about your hair makes you think you need protein?

  50. My hair feels very soft and the curls won’t form as readily. It’s worth mentioning that I bleached my hair in October of 2020 as well. I haven’t colored or bleached since then, but I do get my hair toned every 8 ish weeks

  51. i have been dealing with this for a bit as well! i have 2c/3a hair typically, but my hair is to my waist so i’m lucky to have my hair be a 2b/2c combination on good days. something i’ve been testing out is layers! my stylist recommended long layers so i can keep the length but hopefully keep some curls too

  52. We had this talk with her the moment that she pushed her brother. She knows she’s not supposed to have outbursts like that but sometimes their little bodies can’t handle the big feelings they’re having and act out. She cried when we told her she hurt the gecko and apologized like crazy.

  53. i feel like some people on here probably haven’t been around little kids before! they have big emotions and no ability to self-regulate them—emotional-regulation is a learned skill. this is a great opportunity for her to learn how to better handle her emotions for next time. best of luck on getting the leo’s tail to grow back! i think everyone on here has offered some pretty good advice. i hope your nephew doesn’t beat himself up about it, it wasn’t his fault! he sounds like a caring little owner

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