1. This would be the only feature I would pay real money for and want it so bad. I like the chance of it somewhat for when they run out of worlds to add.

  2. That was in a leaked selection pack. It will be in either the next one or the one after, give it a few months

  3. I just use my native windows game capture. Alternatively, I jump through a million hoops to make a quick twitch vod to download to youtube and then download from youtube. Don't recommend that honestly.

  4. Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness, the moment I saw it I just felt kinship or maybe Rescue Ferret

  5. No, this was a based and incredible use of your gems, OP. Trees good. Bees bad (/lh)

  6. Oh, oh no, I have Ike on my island and he gave me one of those pink tents once and I came up with an angsty backstory for him where he had a young child who passed away and I did not realise Poko existed and now I have killed them.

  7. They are my bread and butter, I love writing them and love reading them :)


  9. My flair feels a bit misleading since I'm quite noviced but.

  10. I got this from some other post on this subreddit so I hope you find it useful, I'm too stupid to navigate it personally:

  11. The Madolche one is sooooo cuuuuuute; I don't care if it doesn't mesh with some of my deck themes, I'm gonna use it everywhere ๐Ÿ’—

  12. Sorry to be a fandom nerd but when I read a meta about how poorly the Princesses of Power treat Entrapta in the new She-Ra. I really identify/relate to Entrapta and didn't see anything wrong with how the other princesses treated her, particularly in the final season, since I was like "haha, that's just me and my [high school] friends :)" until someone made a huge post discussing the cruelty they showed her. That was a huge oh moment for me when I got to the end of it.

  13. The light up snowflakes would be a fun backdrop, and then a snow family and some holly bushes in the front two corners. Maybe an ice fence on the edges?

  14. Omg yes, I kinda scrapped all the toy day stuff in my head since, well, its August but those could be good.

  15. Perhaps a fireplace and a comfy couch surrounded by plants

  16. Ooh I like that, I've definitely got those in storage, tysm

  17. If you are reading on Ao3, then I recommend adding "otp:true" to the "search within results" bar underneath the inclusions/exclusions. This will bring up fanfic which has only been tagged with that one ship. Good luck!

  18. Saying Valter purely in the hopes that this increases his chances of either appearing here or in a future seasonal banner.

  19. Prediction Princess with Shadolls would be my recommendation c:

  20. I can't think of other characters that would come before Spectre aside from Revolver or Ghost Girl, so the chance of him coming in early or mid 2023 is high. If we end up getting Revolver in October, then I can see Spectre being the January character. If Revolver comes in January, then Ghost Girl will come in October and Spectre will be the next character after Revolver.

  21. We're still missing Season 1 characters from both Zexal and Arc V. I don't think an end of Vrains character is gonna be added any time soon.

  22. He literally appears in episode 1, if you mean came into prominence, please specify that because its making me sad that no one remembers him before his duel with Kitamura

  23. So, the tags tell you what is in the fic, if you want to find fluff, just click on the fluff tag to be shown more fluff fics. If you do not want fluff, use the handy-dandy exclusion option to the side of the all the content. If you want longer fics or if you don't want one-shots, you can specify your ideal word counts or multi-chapter fics in the sidebar with all the inclusions and exclusion options, its just at the very bottom under the more options tab. Just click the titles of fics to read. I hope this helps :)

  24. Ahhh okay tysm, no idea what fluff is but it sounds interesting ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  25. Fluff = the happy stuff that make you all squealy and smiley, common lingo across many fandom platforms

  26. That is Nosaka Miho and she is very different from the Nosaka Miho from the original manga who was a quiet, book-loving girl that Jounouchi had a crush on and was nicknamed "Ribbon-chan". Miho from the original Toei anime is... nothing like that. She's loud, air-headed and a little bit boy crazy with Honda crushing on her instead. My theory is that her personality shift was because between Anzu and Honda, they had enough characters of the calm, reliable type and needed someone with more energy to play off. Hope this helps :)

  27. Honda had the crush in the manga, not Jounochi. She was from the chapter where Yugi and Honda first became friends after Yugi got him a puzzle-message to write her a love letter.

  28. Yes, that's right. I got my wires crossed and did think to myself, "it sure is weird they changed that detail between series but they've already changed her so much sooo", thank you for pointing that out c:

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