1. There’s only so many songs I can hear of hers with the same lyric….. pretty face, lil waist with a big old 🍑 it’s boring now

  2. The cheek implants and the weird dead eye expression make her look like she’s always smelled something awful…. Her face annoys me

  3. Looks soooo good! I’m gonna try to learn how to poach eggs! 🍳

  4. You won’t be downvoted by me. I appreciate everything every member of the band past and present brought to the music and stay away from the drama :) some great points and I hope everyone can see your POV

  5. i hope they do some type of public memorial. this is the saddest i’ve ever been about someone i didn’t know personally passing.

  6. I lost my best friend 2 years ago to an overdose and there’s just no pain like it

  7. This looks like the beginning of a weird celeb porno

  8. Pepper is a cutie! Were they a different color when you got them?

  9. Someone told me it’s because their little ears can’t handle it before they’re fully developed at 8-10 months, I think it was the lady at her daycare. Idk if it’s true but my pup was really carsick and is much better now at almost 9 months old

  10. She was back a good few years ago when my friend told me this info and showed me pics from their grandmas house posing with her. Idk if she’s still alive now, I’m not in touch with my friend anymore

  11. He and his wife both got their real estate licenses and work for the same brokerage

  12. I was learning to drive for 4 years before finally passing 😅 1 year is nothing. Don’t give up

  13. I think Sadie , Millie , and Caleb are going to have the best acting careers out of the younger cast members. Sadie’s received lots of attention for her work in S4, and she has a good range of projects coming up. When Taylor Swift says she’s only going to do a short film if you are in it , you know you’ve made it lol. Millie is very talented , and she’s well rounded. She’s a UNICEF ambassador, and she has a successful makeup and skincare line. Caleb has the best acting range out of the main cast imo which should help him have a long lasting acting career. Finn is starting to shift towards directing. Noah is a good actor, I’m surprised he only has one upcoming project, but he’s also going to focus on school and will be attending UPENN. Gaten is returning to broadway but he still has some upcoming movies. Priah is talented and she’s only 15, I’m sure she will be in more projects in the future.

  14. Totally agree, love Sadie, but also wanted to highlight that Sadie is Taylor’s sister in law now, so that played a big part in All Too Well short film

  15. That’s odd to me. On the motorway I can’t move into another lane without checking my blind spot and I need to turn my head to do so.

  16. Motor way driving won’t be on the driving test but You are absolutely correct about checking it on a motor way

  17. I mean it’s just as important to check your blind spot if you’re on a dual carriageway which is on the test….

  18. God. Sorry that happened to you. How frustrating.

  19. Hailey Bieber. She screams fake, I can't believe many people can't see right through her Bs !!!

  20. I’ve passed my test but I don’t know if this is technically correct - I would treat B as straight on (no indication until you’re coming off) and C as right, indicating right. So to answer your question, I don’t believe you should indicate for B until you’re coming off to let other traffic know you intend to take the next exit

  21. He’s a dick and you handled that with grace, in normal circumstances I’d have paid for the lesson because it’s short notice but…. The guy is a dick so no. You also couldn’t foresee catching covid so no.

  22. I love that right now your flair is “type to create flair” please leave it like that

  23. Actually she’s super nice iIRL. I met her a couple times while working in fashion PR. She actually treated me like I was there and we had some great conversations. I really enjoyed my time with her.

  24. Did you ever hear about her bullying a girl on Twitter? The girl made a replica of rihannas dress and wore it to prom. She loved Rihanna. Rihanna retweeted it and said some really horrible shit about the girl

  25. thats one incident from literally like 2011

  26. You learn to pass your test then you learn how to drive…. Well I did anyway

  27. Ariana Grande and her ED/Body Dysmorphia. Most people will say her race fishing allegations but I wouldn’t consider it an “Elephant in the room” since everyone knows/has an opinion on it.

  28. I’m always so bemused about how little I see Arianas ED discussed on the internet.

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