1. Oh man. If I could go back in time and go to the coca-cola factory and drink Surge on tap I would. Hands down. Doc brown, take me back to 2000 so I can drink surge on tap

  2. After seeing how much effort , time, and passion you put into making this video . I really hope a member of the band sees this and congratulates you. Cause you deserve it man. Honestly.

  3. It makes the lyrics to Dead a lot funnier “you’ve the news that your dead”

  4. I grew up in Las Vegas. Home of world class buffets. Even neighborhood casinos had high quality buffet styles. I visited Michigan in the eighth grade to see some family. All my cousins bragged about how great old country buffet was. When I arrived I was like “ewww this is not a buffet this is a sizzlers” which was two very separate things in my mind. I was in shock. There were no waiters and I had to serve my own drinks. The food looked disgusting, as if it was under a heat lamps too long. There was no carving station with high quality prime rib. The desert section didn’t have an ice cream parlor. Again, i want to explain that I came from Vegas where buffets were world class styles. And my family hyped up Old Country Buffet so much that I was expecting the same expectations as Las Vegas buffets. That was one of my first cultural shock I experienced.

  5. Dave and Busters in Downtown Summerlin on Wednesday nights are half price games. Add about $30 bucks on the card and you will have about a good two hours of fun. Save your game card if you had fun. You can always boost up again.

  6. He can take you to a restaurant or send you a note…

  7. Oh man this is cute as hell. Definitely wanna do a build like this. I love a tiny build. You inspired me

  8. I love the first builds interior. It’s so elegant yet simple. I never think to put a bar in my build and the way how you incorporated looks flawless. It doesn’t look out of place at all.

  9. Oh my gosh. This is amazing. How creative. This is an amazing build. Great job. I could tell you had a lot of fun building and decorating this house.

  10. I think he took his wallet!

  11. Yes. On Main Street and imperial. Behind Peddlers Antiques shop

  12. It’s almost as if Trump was doing Biff’s homework. I mean what would happen if Biff turned in his homework with someone else handwriting

  13. This one time. My dad came into my room and was laughing so hard he couldn’t talk. When he finally calmed down he was like “can you pull up the Simpson episode on YouTube when it says Old Man Yells At Cloud” I had no idea what he was talking about until I looked it up and I showed it to him on my phone. My dad went into a hysteric laughter and for months he would chuckle and under his breath would say “old man yells at clouds”

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