"Millions are dead in Iraq. We actually fought in your damn wars. You sent us to hurt civilians." Army Veteran confronts Biden.

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  1. Just stop communicating with him. He might go away. If he texts you, just don't respond. If he texts back again.....say you didn't see it. If he asks you out again, your busy. He might just go away and bother some other woman. If he doesn't, you tell him you're not interested. If he keeps it up, restraining order.

  2. Oh my god. Are you a divorcee dating coach? You should be.

  3. Bullet Train - didn’t expect much, just another action movie (in a style of, for example Statham movies), but it was way better.

  4. I’m so confused. A man who VOLUNTEERED to protect and serve our country by joining the armed forces, is now upset because he was asked to do his job?

  5. So they just throw your appetizer and dessert onto your main dish?

  6. You know your country is shite if you have bodyguards to keep people from leaving it

  7. For some context, when I was just starting out on my own with my boyfriend at the time (now husband), we moved to a bad part of town out of desperation. One day walking home by myself from the library I was followed home and sexually assaulted/raped. I didn't have a good idea of the steps to take when something like that happens, so I did what I thought was enough at the time, which was go to planned parenthood for testing. But for some reason did not get tested for HIV. So when everything else came back okay, I thought nothing of it. My boyfriend and I moved on with our lives for 5 years, with me being mostly* asymptomatic. We got married, bought a home, and eventually got pregnant. And that's when I got the call from my doctor that I was HIV positive. Miraculously, my husband did not contract it from me in those 5 years, and I was able to be treated early enough in pregnancy that my daughter also didn't contract it. Now my levels are undetectable, which means I can't give it to others. And I'm living my best life with my family.

  8. Going through that discovery while pregnant must have been exceptionally devastating

  9. I am not very good at being a woman if this is the expectation

  10. Friendly reminder that people who voted for Biden don’t hero worship him as an omnipotent celebrity politician. He is just a person we hired to do a job for our country. So far so good.

  11. “Ms McGee was said to be travelling to the Mexican border town to have a tummy tuck, a cosmetic surgery procedure to remove abdominal fat.”

  12. I do t have the sound on but I assume it’s saying “Boo!”

  13. That’s why we LOVED him as Kilmonger. It gave him some sass.

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