1. Have their friends collect their records and then change their number?

  2. I'm 5" 1 the last time I checked, I feel weird being shot but I love it 😅

  3. Yes and? starts crying becaus no friends to kiss like that

  4. Mean I would definitely like this ngl and then she can peg me 😋

  5. I know right why would you push something that sounds like a cult and say you can't be what you want to be and when the religion is wack asf I'm sorry to say it.

  6. reminder youre not a real woman of you dont have powers of summoning butterflies from your palms

  7. yo thats soo crazy. Im trans but I got diagnosed with cool-itis 😎

  8. Good luck! That can't be easy to go through assuming you choose to transition. Just being a feminine guy is already a magnet for bigotry. I know it's even worse for trans fems.

  9. Yeah I want to commit arson on bigots and then fornite emote on there grave >:/

  10. Yes I'm happy, but also sad because there's nothing I can do to transition

  11. It doesn't matter you are who you think you are if you identify as as transfer you are a transfem and no one can say other wise except you!!! ☺

  12. Mmm yes avg no life virgin on discord and lives in his moms basement and pisses in a 2 liter and like to talks to children in Minecraft

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