1. As much as I want it to be true, it looks like normal Simferopol situation to me. It is a tourists hub

  2. Just wait till they hear no trains are working. Mass stampede in 5, 4, 3, 2....

  3. My thought process was they are just waiting for the buses on the bus station.

  4. I'd take full advantage of our Czech gun laws, get a permit and go pew-pew at the invaders from the 8th floor of my office. We've been invaded way too many times in the past, so either I help free the country or die trying - win either way.

  5. I want to enrich the experience for my guests and make them screech with excitement (and, obviously, leave us good reviews)

  6. Well.. that's where I hide mine. I mean, I thought it is a common practice tbh

  7. With excitement. I understand if people go different directions sometimes, nothing wrong in reconciliation.

  8. My agitation for no apparent reason. I know shit will go south when I start to lose control, even if my agitation is a positive one

  9. It is great to see people slowly open up and get comfortable when you show that you are chill and relaxed.

  10. It will be hard for them but they will soldier on. In a few years, they will just be fond memories of one another. Seriously, if you move them into a new environment, they will have to adjust. If it’s just somewhere else in the house, it’s no big deal. Make sure to pay extra attention the first week. :)

  11. Thank you! I will put them together once a month maybe, so they can pick up on gossip or something

  12. Be careful when untangling the roots.

  13. Oh they are in separate "starters pots". In the same tray though, their leaves are touching and all. No roots entanglement

  14. Not to be that guy…but Is that safe near a garden? I know there was controversy in the west about military paint having chromium in it, which is toxic.

  15. Not really. The S300 is a dual-use missile, it is intended to be used for air defense AND to attack ground targets. In addition the S300 was already in the process of being phased out for the newer S400.

  16. That's... a great question. Um. Huh.

  17. Honestly, I never really dated a woman for sex appeal, one time because we had similar interests, another because I was lonely, and she manipulated my self-esteem often, then cheated on me, then again with a girl who was very interested with me, and again low - self-esteem, then another girl who manipulated me often in the relationship... after that I started dating my boyfriend. So uh.... pass?

  18. With your boyfriend.. Was it a psychical and mental attraction or one or the other?

  19. His amusement and awkward "Aw, thank you". Nothing more, nothing less

  20. I have no idea what your talking about can you please explain more or send an article about it

  21. Dude is calling himself a "biased Russian" in his comments in other subreddits. You won't find the truth from him.

  22. Never show fear or nervousness when you’re female and alone. If a man tries to draw you in, it sounds counter-intuitive, but you’re better off being friendly and in control than hostile.

  23. Absolutely. I grew up in urban area, walked home alone from subway in the middle of the night.

  24. I've thought of this but... IF anything happens, I could hear them saying "Oh, she didn't sound like she minded. She seemed interested. She didn't tell me to go away, leave her alone etc." and twist it.

  25. Whatever keeps you away from danger. Seriously. It depends more on their mood, mental & physical state than on yours. We just need to survive, so we need to find a way to eliminate the danger. Different approach to different situations.

  26. Report to Google Ads. They have a policy that forbids advertising Ukraine or Russia war related videos. They are the ones that control YouTube

  27. Explaining what is a cemetery. "Dead people lay there?.. Oh yes, I remember I was laying there too". 4 years old, refused to elaborate.

  28. Going to state parks after dark. Climb on the rocks. Going off the path.

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