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  1. not some of y’all acting like florence putting out music is endangering the music industry…this isn’t the first time an actor put out music it’s not that deep i promise 💀

  2. Triangle of Sadness doesn’t deserve anything I’m sorry most especially Best Picture. If you are going to award “rich people bad/eat the rich” dark comedy then nominate The Menu. I’m still iffy on Glass Onion.

  3. sorry but the menu was the walmart version of triangle of sadness

  4. thoughts on ‘to paradise’? i dnf’d after the first story and idk if i should give it another try…

  5. You probably made the right decision—it was a long slog and I regret making my way through it

  6. oh yikes i had a feeling it wasn’t worth it…ty for the reply

  7. some amazing reads in there & looks like we have very similar taste <33

  8. The premise and the story is very promising. I wouldn’t say the writer didn’t deliver in his writing, but it has a very particular voice, I think, that I need to get used to. The pov switched from the intimate to the aerial view of the events around the country very quickly, that it can sometimes be a bit confusing.

  9. tysm for this reply! and i didn’t find it spoilery dw. i think i’ll probably just pick this up from the library instead of buying it cause i’m still on the fence tbh

  10. everyone’s talking about her lip filler but no one is mentioning her veneers…everyone who does the ‘hollywood smile’ thing always looks so uncanny like please stop messing with your face 😭

  11. I love pretty white teeth 🥹 I wish I had the cash for some good veneers tbh

  12. oh for sure! there are many options that are really natural and cute but the “hollywood smile” veneers never look good (imo)

  13. woah we have a lot of similar reads this year :0 would you recommend sirens & muses?

  14. cause she’s been obsessed with him for years and even faked a relationship with him once

  15. paul is one of the most promising & talented actors rn and they got him with the nepo boyfriend…this doesn’t sit right with me

  16. It would've been interesting to pair him with Austin Butler.

  17. anyone else would’ve been better smh they did him dirty 😑

  18. wait…y’all are still acting like cocc and bb were bad?

  19. which is why I’ll be on the lookout for when she becomes twitter’s most hated woman of the month by the end of next year

  20. oop…well at least that’s how you know you made it in hollywood 💀

  21. I feel so sad for her that she thinks SHE bagged HIM… girl it’s the other way around. He is in his 30s dating a 20 year old, he is definitely the one who has pulled something off here.

  22. the promo images for the album vs what the album actually ended up being will never not be funny to me 💀

  23. like bella i need you to be serious for a second…

  24. He was very good in Gifted and Defending Jacob. He’s certainly got a decent body of work beyond Marvel

  25. he’s still not a movie star sorry to break it to you

  26. Yes, it's based on a video game but video games are still niche. How many people who don't play video games do you think knew what it was based on?

  27. that was the first thing that came to my mind and it’s so sad

  28. It’s crazy how much I used to like her and how little I do now for many reasons. Like I won’t even open that video.

  29. maluma sounds dumb as hell but israel is the last country that should be talking about human rights violations

  30. ‘During a broadcast on Israeli public television’, lol the irony

  31. not people actually being mad and offended at this…begging y’all to get off the internet and touch some grass 😭💀

  32. if you haven’t read Anna Karenina i would highly recommend. idk why but it’s so cozy to me; very easy to get lost in.

  33. the other hollywood girlies should take notes…this is how you serve

  34. the way i’m starving rn cause she literally left no crumbs

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