1. From the 6th April 2022 you were able to submit your self assessment for the financial year 6th April 2021 to 5th April 2022. Payment for that was then due on 31st January 2023 and 31st July 2023.

  2. So that’ll be payments on account for the prior year. Let’s look at a timeline.

  3. So I started becoming self-employed in March 2022. I filed my first SA in May 2022. So I didn’t have any prior payments to pay.

  4. Dropped 85k for two months. Got nothing. The prize rate is worse than Premium bonds despite what they say.

  5. How did you apply for the EID : online or through an Amer centre?

  6. Can't believe I'm having to ask this twice in two days, but this is satire right?

  7. I want to know too, can OP or anyone else confirm?

  8. i had j1 in canada and j2 in netherlands. j1 ceo found out and didnt like it because i had come to have a personal relationship with her. she went to contact j2 ceo and told them i had been working for j1 for about 9 months (started both at the same time), both fired me on the spot haha. but one month later i have a new job (j1) and im starting the search for j2 in a months time. what ever happens happens. keep looking forward you are expendable so keep looking out for number 1.

  9. I’ve worked remotely from another country for four years without my employer knowing. I’ve OE’ed with 3 different jobs as well, none noticed. The key is to buy a VPN router, not the VPN software you download to your computer, the router!

  10. Hey, The e-visa / permite took me around a month just because they kept asking me for additional documents. But in general they responded within a week of me adding documents so you could get approved within a week if u upload everything they need

  11. Hi, I’m trying to apply for virtual residence permit from the UK. Someone in the chat said that your application is oniy approved if you’re Alessio living in the UAE - is that true?

  12. No you can be living outside when applying thats fine

  13. Nice thanks. But when it comes to uploading a valid health insurance policy, it’s strange that you have to buy one before knowing whether your application will be accepted. If you’re living outside, is it even possible purchasing UAE health insurance?

  14. AFAIK, you just get an entry permit first. That permit is valid for 60 days. You enter UAE within those 60 days and then apply for actual visa - which you should get within a week including medical checkup - start date is date of approval of this visa.

  15. I'm applying for the virtual residence permit from the UK - not having set foot in the UAE. So what exactly would happen? Would I get a permit emailed to me first which I then take with me in exchange for a visa?

  16. Yes. Entry Permit gets enailed to you, then you do a simple process once in country to convert to the residency.

  17. Dropped you a private chat message. :)

  18. Short answer is absolutely not. Think about it. If everyone knew that their remote work would be taxed at 0%, Portugal would be flooded with people from everywhere to take advantage...

  19. When will I catch my lucky break? 😭

  20. But Nadim Zahawi didn't go to prison

  21. I would do the work and reclaim the hours back on Monday. If your boss asks why you're offline early just tell him you're recouping your hours.

  22. This reads like Patrick Bateman’s beginning monologue from American Psycho

  23. Did you code the derivative formula in python? I am really interested. I know it could be easly done with torch or tensorflow but I want the full formula.

  24. You're gonna want to compute the derivative of the dot product which you can get simply from the product rule.

  25. I think what's happened is that you're seeing in AMC, BBBY, GME are that the stocks are low enough for the HFs to cover their shorts.

  26. I think what's happened is that you're seeing in AMC, BBBY, GME are that the stocks are low enough for the HFs to cover their shorts.

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