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  1. I ride there all the time. Drivers turning right on to Constitution never stop at the bike lane. Scariest spot in that ride.

  2. Few drivers stop at red lights/stop signs when turning right. Stopping is the last option. It's horrifying for anyone in a crosswalk.

  3. You will love it, and your camera will be on fire!

  4. Beautiful picture, thank you!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you!

  6. As a visitor to your island I was pleasantly surprised that the fish was so delicious. I mostly had trout and salmon, and it was prepared perfectly every time. I was amazed that I could even grab a salmon sandwich out of a cooler, and it was perfect and fresh. Here in the US fish is always overcooked and dry, or dripping grease if it's fried. I also had the best shellfish ever at a festival in Galway. Your food in general is superior to what is available here.

  7. Beautiful picture, great timing!

  8. Are you sure that's not sexual deviants?

  9. That's a great picture! I bet your mediocre pictures are awesome too!

  10. Yep, the bill doesn't come until you've completely forgotten you were even there.

  11. There are so many cool birds in Africa. I've seen almost all of these in Tanzania. Great pictures, thanks for sharing them!

  12. Beautiful bird, great picture!

  13. This is a long comment with bits of information about all the breeds, collapse this comment if you aren't interested in reading about the breeds. All info is off the top of my head, so correct me if I have anything wrong please. I copied some of it from previous posts with the individual drawings so if some of the write-ups seem familiar that's why.. I've posted some of the individual drawings here before, so sorry if seeing 2 or 3 of them again bugs you, but I kind of wanted to post the 'series' as one post. :-) I should have written these in order but I'm not bothered to change it now. Sorry!

  14. Thanks for the information, it's very interesting!

  15. Unbelievable! What a great pic!

  16. Good for you, and that looks delicious! Keep making small steps and congratulat yourself for making them!

  17. I was on a 100 day streak, and Duo told me I missed a day and I could pay to keep my streak. Pissed me off and I quit. Duo is heavy on spelling instead of speech, but I did learn alot.

  18. Thanks for your patience, that picture is unbelievable!

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