1. From what I've read this is actually fake news spread out by Russian media in some Arabic countries. I know it sounds strange but it's part of a bigger campaign to make Sweden look bad in the region

  2. I, RESPECT. Your choice of pornography, however... that does NOT mean I approve of your taste.

  3. Degroot Keep. TF2, you can find the map on Alternative gamemodes. Your welcome.

  4. We call this phenomena the "Silksong Effect" where people start hallucinating/imagining things that never happened. We refer to these people as "What no ______ does to a mf💀".

  5. Ah so you are talking about Memento Mori, the insanely good song by Lamb of God! Finaly! A metalhead I can relate to!

  6. I’m blown away by the fact that this dude used deathcore as an example of what’s better. Dude picked the shittiest metal genre.

  7. Everybody thinks they have the best music taste dumbass, that’s why it’s their taste.

  8. U just wanted to flex with the PC am I right?

  9. 2 hours of me sitting there clicking the refresh button before I eventually tried connecting with my phone’s hotspot. Instant connection with that. So I just downloaded a vpn and played with that and I had no problems.

  10. Huh, I just hopped on to TF2 and chilled on FSOAS Rehabilitation servers.

  11. I'm not sure you need Warden heart for AOTS, I think you only need a heart for Warden helm.

  12. Would've been cooler if you would have done that on a 10 year hardcore world with all your valuables on you. But way better than what I can achieve.

  13. only to get killed by a baby zombie.

  14. Is this some sort of Northern Hemisphere joke im too Australian to understand?

  15. As a Swedish citizen, I have no idea what they're talking about. Yeah, I'm a metalhead but I still don't get what they're talking about.

  16. It's not a legal requirement. But it's a moral requirement.

  17. I only got to go to a Metal concert with my dad one time. Sabaton, Apocalyptica and Amaranthe.

  18. Yep. Thats enough internet for today

  19. Nope, I have not seen anything worse than this. This. Is BEYOND cursed. THIS IS HELL.

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