What book series did you love as a kid?

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  1. That’s what mine looked like, right before it go to the step where it was so infected i had to have it removed. maybe pop into an urgent care to be safe!! but also, it’s super cute!

  2. Unemployed coal miners / classiest cuisine is found at 7-eleven / yes that is a racoon nailed to the MH wall / Somehow still the sharpest people in the country when giving direction when you have no GPS signal / has Covid but won't tell you as they are talking to you / legitimately wonderful people otherwise

  3. As a Pennsylvanian who lives near WV, what is the MH wall? I’ve never heard of that before.

  4. The Mortal Instruments. I was always a thick book reader as a kid and the books spoke to me.

  5. i cannot believe i had to scroll so far to find this, they were my FAVORITE books

  6. oh my god your one on the left looks exactly like my shelter boy that we were told is a flattie. i sent in his test kit last monday and i am anxiously awaiting results

  7. Ahh! He has more of the physical characteristics I’ve been reading about. Which kit did you use? I’m thinking of doing the embark breed & health.

  8. Warranty it’s hardware fault no reboots will help

  9. do you think they will try to charge us for a screen repair?

  10. If they do be persistent to insist that it is a hardware issue and a defect. (Seems to be the case here)

  11. I swim at an indoor pool using the local YMCA's standard protocols. You reserve a time slot, when you check in you stand on a distanced number corresponding to your lane, then when the chairs at the end of the lane are wiped down and the previous swimmers gone the next hourly batch of swimmers can enter and start their 45-minute swims. Since everyone starts and stops their reserved time at the same time (:15 after the hour until the next hour) there's little mingling on deck or when getting to your lane. No lane sharing allowed except for members of the same family.

  12. I work as a guard at a local YMCA. they are really strict about masks and we sanitize everything that could’ve been potentially touched!!! i would recommend swimming at at Y if you have the chance

  13. i swear by my Redken shampoo and conditioner. it keeps my long curly hair soft and healthy even when washing it everyday with swimming. i know it’s kinda pricey but the price is so worth it.

  14. i mean, as long as it works it doesn’t really matter too much. if it’s not on the authorized dealer website that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s fake

  15. okay so i am a D2 Swimmer! and let me tell you it is absolutely draining but incredibly rewarding. We train 20ish hours a week, and that is with dryland a included. It is rough on the body at points, but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment for what you are doing. so that helped me keep going. with d2 academics also come before athletics, so my coach was incredibly understanding if we were absolutely loaded with work and needed a practice off or something came up like a study group.

  16. Some PP days are better than others. It's not unusual to have a stellar day followed by an underwhelming one just before a pretty good one.

  17. Been doing that. I just think my area is slow because as we speak I'm waiting in a very busy area for 30 minutes and no orders.

  18. I’m dashing right now too, i think it’s just an odd time for orders right now.

  19. Hit me up with whatever! my code is 22wx8. Thank you!

  20. my code is 22WX8, and any of them would be great, thank you so much!

  21. i dont, but i can clone some and send them your way, what’s your code?

  22. 252LQ. Thanks a ton, send your code back, so I can return the favor.

  23. They have been sent, and my code is 22WX8, thank you!

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