1. Or Reny was his name, one of the two

  2. Reny, for sure. He later went on to do vocals in Truth Cell. Truth Cell songs are on YouTube.

  3. I grew up in Garden City and recall Reny being in the only heavy band back then. He was in some group that played in front of Foster's Music. His brother taught guitar lesson's there. I noticed that the old Pizza Shuttle oven hood was removed. It was the one covered in stickers and I liked looking up at it and still seeing the Atrox sticker.

  4. 800 people is the level where you need professional sound reinforcement. You need to hire a pro, learn from them (and learn on your own). This is far too big an event for the equipment and knowledge you have.

  5. well I've been doing fine with my old set up over a year now so there is that.

  6. We also got the Omega and PAC Iron Man Match. Tony must like us.

  7. I go every time they come and always felt I got my tickets worth. Weds night will be fun.

  8. R-bar wings. The Lawrence standard. I knew them as Red Bull gives you wings. Brian use to cook them during every Sporting KC tailgate when we played the Red Bulls. I still think the love he got during those tailgates for those wings pushed him into opening a Kitchen in the R-Bar.

  9. I used to work at an office where one of the managers had a fling with the HR director. He (we’ll call him Frank) was single and about 15 years her junior. She was divorced. It had ended by the time I started working there but it ended well between them and she still seemed to have a thing for him, always stopping by his office and she was always very friendly and nice to his people.

  10. Corporate HQ for a major show company I worked for about a year. I became good friends with one of my coworkers. His girl started banging an HR director. My coworker paid for her phone and noticed strange number on the bill being called many times. One night he gets drunk and frustrated and calls the mysterious number that goes to voicemail. Leaves message about how he will beat up however is screwing his girl. Day later coworker is walked out by a HR rep and never returns. HR director said they had found a policy he violated and was immediately fired. I was so happy to leave that company

  11. He left it to you. My father died when I was 10 and my granddad left his estate to a family board that consisted of my 3 aunts and sister. No decisions could be made unless there was a rule that all 4 had to be in a agreement for anything to get split. This was horrid. Legally I was allowed in the conversations since I was my father's son but had no vote. Money splits blood faster and harder then anything. I hope the best for you. I don't take that you were a mistake to receive it.

  12. Where is this available online at? googleFu didn't get me far

  13. You are Welcome Dude! I can tell that this is going to be a thing for me searching out clearance blow molds. Found a lone one at Mernards later that day.

  14. Picking up a dudes head that fell off his rotting corpse when I worked at a mortuary transport company is definitely up there. Also picking up a five year old kid who had a book case fall on him. Feeling all the broken bones moving in his tiny body fucked me up good

  15. I worked for a 4 mortuaries since I had them all on IT contracts taking care of their networks. I was showing a new employee the place and said when you walk by the metal door in the basement never look in there. We walked by and it was open. When we walk by we hear something so I turn around as one of the morticians walks out saying "damnit that freaks me out soooo bad." There was a larger embodied women they were placing in a coffin. As they squeezed her in an air pocket floated up and made the vocal cords vibrate.

  16. I just picked up the snowman in Alaska. He was $34 at 60% off.

  17. There were 4 more Santa and I really should of picked up more. I've seen him on Craigs list all year no cheaper then $50

  18. What I love is that this armory is the exact same armory that ran Central States Shows in the 60's and 70's. Harley Race and Bruiser Brody plus many others squared off in this building and in 2022 the tradition continues.

  19. I watched it first and really loved the series. Watching Yellowstone I find so many of the same actors playing different roles. I watched 1883 first and noticed something when I started Yellowstone. I think the ending of 1883 and the beginning of Yellowstone are connected by both show a father clutching their child as they die against a tree. Not sure if it is the exact same tree but I noticed this watching in that order.

  20. I've spent a good amount of time working sound and lights at Indy shows in Kansas City. I've met a lot over the time the Central States territory is active. Arn Anderson was my favorite. I sit right beside the curtain watching monitors of the ring. He walked over and asked if he could watch the matches. 2 hours of hearing him critique guys in the ring was my favorite experience. Abyss was beyond nice. So good to every fan and was a fun beer drinker after the events were over. Colt Cabana, got nothing but good vibes off him all day. The only one that was a pain in the ass was Raven. Arrived late and saw the crowd so he took it a pawn himself to ruin the grand entrance and throw his suitcase out to start selling merch before we even started. 2nd time he was brought in he took his payment then said he couldn't wrestle due to his injured back. He finally agreed to do a bloody squash match were he did nothing but offense. I was the ring announcer for this show and had to stall 20 mins as this went on all of a sudden during the event.

  21. Say some of these phrases here while eating chips and if she says "Stop It!" say "with the Doritos?"

  22. My Dad passed away from Cancer when I was 10. We lived in SW Kansas and All Star Wrestling aka Central States Wrestling was aired on Fridays at 12:00am. I loved wrestling and my Dad wasn't a fan but stayed up with me on Fridays to watch. Moved away from home. Helped some friends bring back the territory of CSW. Worked my sound system and was the ring announcer. I would love to tell that now. Never give up on Pro-Wrestling.

  23. wow I always wanted to know what the hell type of bird that was making those sounds. Thanks for posting

  24. Agreed. I really don't like this as his finisher moving forward. Are we going to buy him giving Danielson or Mox or Hangman 3 or 4 powerbombs?

  25. Felt the same. This match was so good I really wanted a Wardlow desperation powerbomb and Cage kick out. IMO massive reaction. Then have Wardlow show another side and introduce an off the top rope finisher.

  26. The last Central States Wrestling show in Kansas City Arn and Brock came in for a match with Ace Steel. I help run stuff behind the curtain and sit watching the monitors right by the entrance. Arn walked up and grabbed a seat to watch. I can't say enough how nice of a guy he is in person. He critiqued matches then stopped the younger guys after their match and spoke to them about what he saw. CSW has brought in big names before but Arn was the first that you could tell everything is about the business to him. He said he made Brock gets his college degree first then told they would give wrestling a try and he would help.

  27. My neighbor down the street runs a Haunted Yard. He started in early Sept and has run it since 2007. He goes to town on the details. 30-40 Costumes dummies and scenes. It's free to the public Halloween night and it packs the street.

  28. you seem to know about the Beer City Bruiser and Luigi's new friendship.

  29. They are fun, me and 2 of my sons are loving the shows in Overland Park. They will not let us miss one. These 2 guys do a good job. We are fans of the CSW!!!

  30. My current task is mixing both their entrance music together as one. I help run shows. Old friends own CSW. I started during CSW back in 2005 era.

  31. I attended this show. Ace Steel had a big bite of Luigi Primo’s pizza. Everyone knows Luigi makes the best Pizza!!!

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