1. Honestly, all I do is give em a good rinse in nothing but water, then bake em dry. I use CCI 450s and True Blue.

  2. I bought the same rifle a couple yrs back. Got a couple thousand rounds through it now and I still enjoy it as much as the first day. Reloading helps with cost in this one because I bought supplies before prices became stupid. Enjoy!

  3. He told her he wanted to ban assault weapons

  4. Love your stuff. I mean if you ever need a third 😉

  5. SFAR is 308 or AR10 the AR57 is for the AR15 lower

  6. Yes I’ll gladly be your medic partner or the nurse receiving, I can fill either role

  7. Absolutely. I’m a medic and RN. I shot you a message a few days back hit me up for a good story.

  8. Google pics of a 10/22 bolt catch and you will better understand

  9. The firearm made it through fedex or ups to get to the store in its cardboard box so I’m sure it will make it home in your Camaro just fine. It’s a tool not a grandmas china. Aside from that just call and ask them

  10. I get its a 22 but eye pro is always a must

  11. They pulled my video showing the Engineered Silence 10/22. Chassis and it wasn’t even a how to video it was just a my review of it. I challenged it and they still pulled it

  12. They are now illegal. Please DM me for my address and I will take care of it properly.

  13. Magpul if you want to keep it as a hunting rig. Indian creek design if you want a bench rig. Also convert it over to Magpul magazines if it’s not already

  14. Came stock accepting AR mags (sold me on the gun even more) I'm trying to figure out what I really want out of it.

  15. I have the same gun only difference is I have a banish 3.0 hanging off it

  16. What’s wrong with having a gun? I have a gun.

  17. But why? He’s not hurting anyone as evidenced by the fact he didn’t hurt anyone Why infringe on others rights while not wanting yours infringed on.

  18. Form1 kinda sucks tho man. Have to engrave your mf name on it? Have to get a permission slip if you want to cross state lines?

  19. Not your name, your trusts name. And you just need to notify the ATF of your intention and it can be valid for a year. Also you can swap back to pistol form and cross state lines with no issue.

  20. When I was a teenager in the 90s there was a gun shop that used to give every kid that came in the store a free box of 22 ammo and every adult a free box with a purchase

  21. In my state you don’t need a carry permit to carry in your home, place of employment or to and from place of employment. Do you have a similar law there?

  22. I’m sure this question was for OP but no, my state is constitutional carry. Carry how you want no permit needed. That said, I still have a permit because the permit less carry is fairly new and I like having reciprocity with many other states

  23. So I will self-admittedly say when I started I was on the far left and now I’m on the far right.

  24. The far right side of the graph is the classy place to be. It's not fun unless you're the one making the load data.

  25. I mean that’s me, hell I loaded 5.7 and 22tcm before data could be found

  26. I love it. I also threaded my factory 9 barrel

  27. They are but gives room for a crush washer

  28. Crush washer? What kind of muzzle device you going to install? Mine was done by Class 3 machining and is standard length pistol threads. I have a griffin taper mount on mine now. No washers of any kind involved.

  29. Not sure but if needed I can. Currently I have a bowers vers9 suppressor on it

  30. Had my copperhead threaded. In the meantime I picked up a 22tcm barrel to drop in.

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