1. what if they mess it u after approval? It doesn't matter its still messed up.

  2. It matters if they mess it up before approval, as it may need to be scrapped or re-engraved and you've already started the paperwork. It's "correct" to get it engraved afterwards and give the engraver what's been approved on the F1. If they mess that up, then they'll still need to fix it, but it's easier to fix with a stamp in hand.

  3. You're asking one can to do A LOT here.

  4. Sounds like someone over at Silencer Central took your baby out for a play date and broke something. I'd ask for photos or a follow up from YHM directly and see who fucked up.

  5. I followed up with a rep from YHM who admitted that their was a batch of silencers that were sent out with sand left inside. According to YHM it was missed at the factory and wouldn’t be noticed until you tried to attach the mount for shipping. I’m thankful that no one was firing my can. At least it was caught before it was shipped to me.

  6. Good call, good on the store too but some communication would have been nice.

  7. Absolutely, like every one else they're trying to shuffle production around to maintain a price point instead of keeping production quality high and taking a hit to price or margin.

  8. It's a great coat, but it was definitely popular for a minute.

  9. I have no experience with Thai MTM suiting, but I've heard some horror stories. It might be best to wait it out and just buy a regular suit here from Suit Supply, Spier & Mackay, etc. You don't really need 4 suits unless you're wearing them daily.

  10. I don't know what subsets there are? I guess I was referring to the metal scene, not the scene look in particular, just something that makes me look more like a metal head.

  11. Bonobos was the closest but the quality of stitching was sub-par compared to the BR shirt. There was significant variation in the width of the picking and critical pieces like the collar were asymmetrical.

  12. Probably a one off. I used to wear a ton of Bonobos and it was always a step up from Banana, although Banana has also been stepping up their stuff lately.

  13. You can only own four pair of boots; which makes and models do you choose?

  14. Heresy! You prefer the Indy without the bottom line of stitching?? Can't get behind that! Jk, nice choices friend.

  15. The US should’ve adopted the FAL

  16. Why haven't all the currently pending stamps been approved? Because the federal government is slow and inefficient. Working as intended.

  17. Looks like they've fixed the pricing now. Sitting at $114.99

  18. Even better they called back like 5 minutes ago said they found the form under a different section but was informed they can not release it without me having an email. I’m going to flip.

  19. LOL, that's dumb. Contact the ATF person who signed the form and ask for them to resend the approval notification.

  20. Fit wise, this is easily 1-2 sizes too large for you. It looks bad. Take it to somewhere like Railcar and have it reworked.

  21. Agreed. I also own a short cruiser jacket as well as a traditional Mackinaw cruiser and neither of them fit like this.

  22. My local has been having issues certifying eF4s as well, specifically during the "paying transfer tax" portion of the process. Silencer Shop says it's on the ATFs side and suggested the dealer try to resubmit.

  23. A trust is a fantastic idea, regardless of what's held by the trust. If you plan on buying a lot, remain the only trustee/RP (responsible person) and add your wife and kid(s) as beneficiaries should something happen. Once you decide you're done buying, you can add your wife/kid(s) as RPs/trustees and they can then borrow from the trust.

  24. Been looking to buy a pair of black and white sneakers, something super casual to wear. I have things like jordans, dunks, casual white sneakers, converse, but seem to be missing a plain black sneaker. I kinda like

  25. Go for some custom Blazers through the Nike by You program. Black suede, white leather swoosh, red sole or something colorful.

  26. I already have a pair of white blazers, I like this idea but would rather get something a little different

  27. This might be totally obvious but where can a mf get some shoe laces? Trying to get flat white ones for a pair of New Balances and would love to purchase them from anywhere other than a random seller on Amazon.

  28. TZ Laces is good for sneaker laces if you don't want the "nicer" flat waxed kind.

  29. Do Todd Snyder shirts run small/slim fit? Looking to take advantage of the winter sale but wondering if I should size up to Large vs. Medium (5’9”, 180 lbs)

  30. Generally speaking, they run TTS or on the slim side of true. I'd wager you're a medium.

  31. Not actually for a can. It's a linear comp. But on a pistol it would need the booster.

  32. I don't think SiCo makes a piston mount/booster for Alpha, since those cans come with those pieces already.

  33. I never said it was illegal, I advised them to leave it alone.

  34. IANAL.. but as long as it's within the same state and the local jurisdiction doesn't outlaw them, then you should be fine. If it makes you feel better, you can fill out the 5320.20 change of address form after moving and send it in. If you move outside of that state, you must get the approval before moving.

  35. The braced items are in my trust, and final rule hasn't dropped. Will I have to engrave them once the rule drops?

  36. Does "personally made" only refer to something like an 80% lower, or does that also apply to those simply assembled with a stripped lower and a brace.

  37. IANAL.. but I think that means the 80% kits or anything you make that doesn’t have a serial number.

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