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  1. Molly Ringwald and Michael Learned, too (mama from the Waltons.) Both so good!

  2. Wowwwwwwww didn't realize that was Molly Ringwald 🤯 big John Hughes fan over here!

  3. "what is this a playground for ants!?"

  4. I used to be a chef and whenever it's offered I always buy the kitchen a round.

  5. 4. Chickens to eat half of a cabbage.

  6. 100% lyme disease. Glad you got antibiotics to treat it early.

  7. Well apparently I'm a special kind of weirdo as mine is left side only

  8. Locking my baby in the truck (early spring, not hot)

  9. Though most around here don't spread Lyme Disease, Lonestar ticks spread something that makes humans allergic to Alpha Gal which is in all mamallian meat and some gelatin coated pills.

  10. Yeah, this was a trip for me as well. I don't remember even thinking about them until three or four years ago.

  11. I read an article yesterday about how MI nut trees did exceptionally well last year which means the rodent population benefited and grew from that which means the ticks had ample opportunity to live on rodent their population grew as well.

  12. Stuff like fridges, washing machines, blenders, kitchen appliances, etc.

  13. Watching exotic birds do their mating dances in documentaries.

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