Lost my cat today due to a mistake at the vet

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  1. No. I’m married to a feminist man and he is my absolute best friend. I’ve never felt conflicted in this sense at all with dating or being attracted to men, but I also have never dated misogynistic men so I never felt like I was with an enemy. I don’t see individual men as enemies or oppressors, I see misogynists as those things and avoid them in my personal life.

  2. My brother had very similar acne and Accutane cleared him up very well! If you go that route, He said aquaphor chapstick helped the dry lips. Good luck!

  3. Even the liberal arts have severe problems with gender pay gap. A study from 2018 showed 66% of fine arts post graduates were women, but that 88% of the art sold that year was by male artists. We can’t even have the upper hand in the liberal arts majors they claim we love so much!

  4. My father was always the most gentle man and since the pandemic and tik tok he has fallen so deep into the alt-right Q Anon stuff. He put his hands on my husband and tried to violently shake him while screaming his talking points in his face that last time he visited. I’ve never seen him like this and we are both still in so much shock. This crap brings out the absolute most vile part of people, it is 100% dangerous.

  5. I remember a lot of girls brining bags like that. Backpacks are great too as they leave your hands free to carry your portfolio, and if you’re going to be going into your first year at scad you’ll have a ton of art stuff to carry, so you’ll just end up carrying a portfolio with everything in it. And I don’t think you’d have to worry about it being stolen unless you leave it laying outside unattended or something.

  6. So sorry for your loss ❤️ losing a kitty is always so hard, especially when it’s preventable. I’ve been through something similar with one of my kitties 💔

  7. Surge protector with a lot of outlets was very useful for me. Main thing I wish I did freshman year was to not bring so much crap with me! Lol! By senior year I pared down so much all my stuff could fit in my sedan, so much easier to move out for summers.

  8. I would highly recommend the path of earning a computer science degree and then going into simulation work.

  9. I second this! I am a 3D artist in the same sector and have a great work life balance, make more money than I thought I ever would be, and good benefits. The military and government sector is really starting to open up to VR/AR and need developers and artists

  10. Honestly I didn’t see my skin start clearing until 9 months in. And each time I went up strength I broke out. I was also using clindamycin at the time too. Sometimes it’s purging, sometimes irritation. I think the best would be to talk to your doctor about whether they think you should continue on with tretinoin. To me it was definitely worth sticking it out, but everyone’s skin is different and you know your skin better than anyone!

  11. Thank you you’ve given me hope!!!! Very disheartening when I see miracle stories of clear skin after 3 months and mine is still… bleurgh. I did wonder perhaps the strength going up in stages brings out new junk with it each time

  12. I totally hear what you're saying and if I were an artist, I would probably be a little annoyed too. In the corporate world, this artist has been compensated by the company he works for to create the sculpt in the first place or he sold the rights to use the model for compensation. If this work was unique, or if it was at an art gallery, I wouldn't dream of asking for an .stl. At the end of the day, is it really that different from creating a 3D model of a video game asset that a graphic artist took the time to model?

  13. 3D models in video games are created by 3D artists. As a 3D artist, our work requires just as much passion and skill as paintings and drawings, and vast majority of us professional 3D artists have a fine arts background; our 3D models are our art.

  14. I grew up in a trailer park, so I thought those neighborhoods where all the houses looked the exact same was the most luxurious thing lol!

  15. What I dont understand is how Only Fans even got its reputation as a place to consume pornography ethically.

  16. I’ve always thought the same. Traffickers and pimps are smart, to think they haven’t been utilizing the giant cash cow that OF is, most likely since the very beginning of the platform’s creation, is ridiculous.

  17. A clothing swap or exchange party might be fun. Everybody brings items they don't want any more and others can take them home

  18. This was the most fun thing the sustainability club at my school did. For every piece of clothing you brought you got a ticket and could take that many pieces of “new” clothing that the others had brought. They organized everything onto tables by type and I still have and wear regularly most of what I had picked, now years later. If OP has a fashion department at their school, they could encourage the fashion majors to join in too!

  19. Been using it for 10 years and I still have my pitted scars. Maybe it’s helped slightly, main thing is it took healed the redness and discoloration around them.

  20. Sounds like a urinary tract infection. This is very common in cats, and not too crazy expensive at the vet, you can call around to get a price estimate for the test and antibiotics. He will need to go to the vet, but if it is a UTI, once he’s able to take the medication and it clears up you can buy UTI preventative cat food and increase his water intake to help prevent them in the future. I’ve heard of some online vets that could be cheaper but either way, he will need to receive medical care and is probably in a lot of discomfort.

  21. How do online vets work? I send them information about my cat and stuff like that? And if so I'm guessing I could go to any online one since that wouldn't have to be local

  22. I’m not sure, I believe so but you’d have to look into it I’ve never used them.

  23. He won’t be weened for a while, he looks to be under 2 weeks old, maybe even only a week as his eyes still look closed. He will need fed warmed kitten formula from a bottle approximately every 2-3 hours (even at night). Keep him warm, I find a stuffed animal the relative size of a mama cat is very comforting for them. He will also need stimulated to go to the bathroom (gently rubbing his behind and genitals with a damp wash cloth). Kittens this small require a lot of care, I recommend watching Kitten Lady on YouTube, she has wonderful tips and outlines the full procedure of taking care of these guys!

  24. When I feel uncomfortable. Or when her poop gets stuck in her hair

  25. Vets will do a “potty trim” butt shave for 10-15$ usually. This has helped greatly with our long haired cats.

  26. I had a kitty many years ago with the exact same markings! The grey eyebrows ☺️ she is adorable!

  27. I have oily acne prone skin and it did nothing for me at all. It didn’t make me break out, but even with applying it with a sponge or brush I was oily within 20 minutes and my concealer (the glossier concealer) would slip and slide. I ended up just throwing it away :(

  28. That’s a really pretty dress! I think it’s definitely wedding appropriate. I would wear tights like the picture, a teal headband, and gold jewelry.

  29. Love the idea of a teal headband, maybe I can find a fancy velvet or beaded one. Thank you!!

  30. I think you captured their likeness very well, I can tell who each person is! Like others have said, incorporating the dark dark tones will help really make it pop. The human eye loves contrast so don’t be afraid to use those 6 and 7B pencils! And conversely, don’t be afraid to use white pencil or even white paint for those bright highlights in areas like the eyes.

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