How to get a refund from CIG after 30 days (UK Only)

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  1. Links please. And all code should have an easy undo, it's why the idea of version control exists.

  2. Thanks for the link. For once, I and Spectrum agree on something: the suspicious nature of this. Never thought I'd see the day, but here we are!

  3. why do you still visit the star citizen subreddits? I'd assume that after riding the high horse you'd be done with anything to do with SC.

  4. I'm hoping we can run 30B models with lesser system requirements and also larger max TOKENS. Thankfully, that seems to be the trend for the latest LLM's, GPT4 unreleased apparently has 10k max tokens, MPT-Storywriter-65k, and claude AI apparently has 100,000 tokens.

  5. Though GPT4 full has 160 billion parameters so you're looking at 40-80gb VRAM to run it.

  6. This + he died relatively young. No idea why some people worship this guy or Zyzz for that matter. Steroid abuse is a serious condition.

  7. Both Rich and Zyzz were around at a time where honesty and personality were in short supply, so they were a breath of fresh air and offered a different perspective.

  8. It takes about 4 years for a backer to realise they've invested in a scam. Just give him time....

  9. Always read it in the voice of John Cleese for added impact

  10. It's that a game loop is a high-level concept that doesn't mean anything specific, whereas he's referring to how the code is processed. It's a perfect example of techno-babble. An equivalent would be saying you're using hand picked, organic, vine ripened Italian tomatoes, instead of talking about the actual meal you're making. He's just throwing around buzzwords at this point.

  11. if u use a custom directory you have to manually make it first and then point installer to it. it cannot create a directory to install itself into

  12. Just a vanilla install. The fact it's getting harder to get into free flies I think shows how quickly this pile of shit is disintegrating.

  13. Holy shit that's hilarious given that windows 10 already has an end of life date of 14th Oct '25. Given that this was announced back on 2021, it's really, really strange that CIG hasn't made SC compatible with Windows 11. It's so strange I wouldn't be surprised if they're keeping that EOL date in their back pocket as an emergency excuse as to why they have to shut the studio down.

  14. What's the capabilities for a storm shadow? Isn't it a bunker buster?

  15. Stealthy low flying subsonic bunker buster with a two stage warhead able to detonate at a variety of depths e.g. room 1, room 2, room 3 etc so you can make sure you take out the specific room you want, not just a timed detonation.

  16. You can track them all on free transponder websites. Global Hawk, AWACS and other drones, on top of NATO satellite imagery will all be given in real time to Ukraine.

  17. Could be growing concern over a realisation that it'll never be delivered. The current roadmap publicly states that all 20 chapters will be complete by mid August. Yet where are the trailers? Or official announcement? There's no way that those dates are real given the lack of marketing, so to prevent any lawsuits they're stopping sales prior to a message along the lines of "no more communications at all until it's finished, this is your fault noisy FUDsters".

  18. Lol didnt change sandi’s last name yet. So lazy

  19. Maybe it's just the same jpeg being rehashed by the marketing team and they haven't spotted that detail yet.

  20. I completely agree - I can't believe this is little more than just astroturfing to make people feel less bad about dropping a few hundred bucks on the latest jpeg.

  21. Formal warning: Any call to violence will result in a permanent ban from this sub and most likely Reddit. Don't do it again.

  22. Yeah I thought it was added to the sidebar or something. It was a great thread with tons of info and hand-holding the reader through the entire procedure.

  23. It's both on the sidebar and in the wiki with a dedicated shortcut at the top of the sub, though I think wikis are fucked on mobile and have been for a long while - I have the feeling Reddit will sunset them in the near future.

  24. Their legal division refers to the game as being in "early access" which tells us all we need to know about the alpha label that they throw around so often.

  25. I mean he’s not as bad as a reddit mod… right?

  26. None of these can be verified as actual inside sources.

  27. A company that fails to release a working game and seems to fuck up every patch, but never missed a marketing email, free fly event, or ship sale with a store that is always up, is blatantly ran by marketing.

  28. That's a conjecture, an educated guess many of the people here subscribe to — but not something any of us knows for a fact, and definitely not something any of us can confirm.

  29. It's conjecture with a lot of proof, which wouldn't be rational to dismiss based on not having someone on the inside to confirm it.

  30. Yep it's garbage. It doesn't hold its own against GPT3.5, let alone 4 which is noticeably better than its previous version.

  31. I'm going to sticky this as it's the best impartial article that clearly describes the absolute disaster that is Star Citizen and should be the first thing people read before throwing any money at CIG. .

  32. Time to unpin this and mention the company is closing shop.

  33. Hey there! MLE at Hugging Face here and curious to hear about your experience. Why is Hugging Face not an option you want to use?

  34. Here's something that bugs me with HF. The model card implementation is one of the weakest in the industry as there's no standardisation. A model card, by design, should give clear information about the model comparable from one to another, and show relevant information. The fact that an image generation model doesn't have to display anything regarding the actual image generated is a fundamental failure to properly impose model cards.

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