1. If the white patches aren't temporary, or due to a rash, I think it may be vitiligo (I have it), it's an autoimmune condition.

  2. This, or if not, it can take time for healed skin to return to normal pigmentation

  3. From the abstract it isn't clear how they determine that the change in microbiome causes improvement in glycemic control like the title suggests. As opposed to diet changing both glycemic control and microbiome

  4. Sorry you haven't gotten a response, I'm chiming in here in case someone knows the answer. I've been having a similar issue. In addition, I'm getting these for sms messages as well, but not consistently. It usually goes away if I restart my phone but I'm at the point where I'm restarting 6x a week sometimes, it's really annoying. Hope someone knows how to fix this

  5. Thanks. I've become convinced it's the lack of imessage. But I haven't gotten a clear answer

  6. Recirculating cool air should make it cooler in the car bc it doesn't mix with hot outdoor air

  7. I only make one or two a day. But I don’t use beans till they are at least a week old. Stored properly, my day to day adjustment isn’t but a tiny nudge on the grinder.

  8. Maybe that's my issue. No such thing on my Rancilio as a tiny nudge. This seems a life of constant upgrades

  9. These days I wait for two weeks. I luckily do not have the pallet to taste the degradation of a bean from day to day. Do what make you happy :)

  10. I couldn't have been more relieved when our ped reduced my daughter's elbow. I thought it was her shoulder . She stopped crying instantly

  11. It's not a common illness--but at the initial visit with a woman who was with labs later that day found to have polycthemia, the blood vessels in her throat were so engorged they looked like worms

  12. She had just come in to establish care. She was my patient for years after. Always a minimizer of symptoms, but no complaints that day.

  13. I'm flummoxed that 'peroxide ' was not acceptable but 'hydrogen peroxide ' would have been

  14. There are many peroxides: sodium peroxide, zinc peroxide, and barium peroxide, for example. I'm not sure why she wasn't given a prompt to be more specific, though. Do they not do that anymore?

  15. I actually know that, and anticipated this response, but still hydrogen peroxide is understood to bleach hair and teeth. At least Mayim should have asked for clarification

  16. It's hard to kill a spider plant. I'd grab every leaf as close to the base as possible. The deadest ones will pull out easily. The 'almost dead' ones cut with scissors. If there are no live babies, cut the chutes at the base of the plant . If the leaves are brown at the tip, cut off the brown tip. It will look much better thinned out.

  17. I'd cut out all the dead and yellow leaves. For some babies, If they look healthy, I put a small pot nearby and attach them to soil with toothpicks. I leave the "umbical cord "attached for a few weeks. I give them as gifts.

  18. Add you as an AU and then he can xfer points.

  19. Yes. Have him add you and then he can transfer points to your partner accounts(hotel and flight)

  20. Did you touch something? Relative was allergic to his golf club grips and it looked similar

  21. I'm no expert but I don't think there is anything that can kill them and render it edible. You could try need oil but I wouldn't eat anything with that on it even if it is deemed 'safe'

  22. I bought the gauge on ebay. I attached it to the bottomless portafilter. It's been a while, but as I recall I snipped off one coil. The springs are for sale, so I knew if I screwed it up, I could get another.

  23. Cetirizine is a metabolite of hydralazine. If she can tolerate the hydralazine, chances are that her "rash" to the oral cetirizine was just a stress reaction.

  24. Should I have been less compassionate for her because she did this? Should I have not felt as strongly about her death?

  25. I feeling he's a burnt out addict. I have no basis in fact for saying this.

  26. So close. I have done nothing but school and work for like 58 years.

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