1. Then you're in luck... Series 15 starts TOMORROW!

  2. Like him or loathe him... Ron has a sixth sense

  3. had been wondering about what had been going on with this wonder how it will all get resolved

  4. Probably with Ekin-Su getting a nice cheque at the end...

  5. Oh child! This really puts the Oh in Oh Polly now doesn’t it? Cos that was my first reaction

  6. Fingers crossed everything works out Oh Kay for her

  7. They looked a little rocky when they first left the villa - glad to see them back to their happy selves!

  8. Why is it when there's only two black people in the show why do they always couple up?? Is it a race thing or what?? I don't get it the female and male have to Choose to be with any of guys or women but yet again they choose to be with the black race wats wrong with white people or Mexican people or any race ?? Can someone lmk plz..

  9. It seems to happen every year and it never gets easier to watch.

  10. They really should scrap it. Once a year is more than enough. They should just do “The Cabins” in the winter and have a “Loveisland reunion” show at Christmas.

  11. If they're going to do two series each year, they at least need to do something different - not just changing the locaiton. We all know the winter season has lower viewing figures... maybe use that to trial new ideas, challenges, twists, formats, etc?

  12. I’m happy with this, people hating s9 but it’s something to watch

  13. I dont mind having two seasons per year, but it can feel a bit much sometimes. I'd like to see them do something slightly different with each one (not just changing the location of the villa). I also hope it doesn't take away any big personalities for the Summer series.

  14. And he commented on the photos pf her and sammie “10s” god imagine how rosie feels 💀

  15. I think Samie shows time and time again she likes Casey and doesn't have an issue with how close Tom and Casey are and that she and Casey are also close.

  16. Completely agree. She comes across as really mature.

  17. It’s always been what we do in the sub, screenshot/record islanders’ content and post it here for people who either don’t have that social media or for people who might’ve missed it.

  18. I get it, I just find it funny how it works it's way through every social media platform and still has the watermarks on them.

  19. She looks the same to me. Just better styling and make up since leaving the show.

  20. Same, I can't really see a difference. She still looks stunning!

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