Irish Politician Mick Wallace on the United States being a democracy

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  1. I wish he would have mentioned that fully 2/3 of the American people support the right to choose. But a minority of religious/cultist autocrats want to dictate to the majority what they think is moral.

  2. Do you wave your hands up and down real fast when you say that?

  3. How mobile phones used to be smuggled in prisons.

  4. Why would they be pro-Russia? I thought that was part of the Republican platform now?

  5. "To be a game developer requires an education in a librull school, so all game developers are librullz, and librullz are black, fat and suicidal trans so of course my drawing makes sense!"

  6. Oh, those are tits? I thought they were the letters C & U.

  7. It sounds like you did a lot of growing up in a short period of time and your girlfriend didn't.

  8. The Aliens in Signs were allergic to water.

  9. And they decided to invade a water planet. Stoopidest movie ever.

  10. Trump automatically assumes anyone who wants to write about him or film him will do so in a flattering light. Because he is first and foremost, a fucking idiot.

  11. I don’t think there is any footage. Apparently it crashed into a graveyard 200 feet away and exploded.

  12. Any day now, they are going to start dropping dead. You'll see.

  13. Someone showed an anti-drunk driving video from Ireland on here the other day. It was very gory and graphic. Ireland has the lowest drunk driving fatalities per capita in Europe.

  14. I’m 44. I don’t know who my mayor is, but this 6 year old does and has an opinion on him.

  15. I want to know more about what the state "payed" for the hospital. What is that supposed to mean? I guess the state and the hospital are in on it together. Whatever "it" is.

  16. Vaccine commercials? I tend to not pay attention to commercials but I really don't recall vaccine commercials. Not recently anyway.

  17. We fucking know that already. We are waiting for it to happen.

  18. I was thinking you had mistaken USAA for "United States of America Army" when the correct acronym is just USA or United States Army.

  19. They have tons of advertisements on TV. And did you just suggest a $1.8 billion company go around dropping brochures off at the VA?

  20. And themselves. Republicans do nothing for the majority of their supporters.

  21. I think Community Inn is about as reasonable as you're going to get.

  22. In my day we said they got it in a crackerjack box.

  23. Classic Trumpspeak too. It's been suspected for a while, all the best people are saying it.

  24. Grew up about a half mile to the river in Salem near Greenhill Park. My friends and I went tubing and generally just hung out in the river as much as possible. 2-3 times a week. Never got e coli, never was sick. I won't swim in and around the hospital end of the river out to about Wasena, but I've never had a problem anywhere else.

  25. i think this is the key. Get in and get out before you get to Roanoke.

  26. I suffered the effect of asking to cancel a credit card. It was not beneficial! Just cut the card up, and stop applying for more credit. Did you know that every time you make an application for a new card it will initiate a credit check? Those inquiries also negatively affect your credit score. Make no more than one application in a span of two years, and pay as much more than the minimum balance as you can afford on each of your existing accounts.

  27. If you have to carry a balance never pay the minimum. I think they are setup to pay off in like 18 years paying the minimum.

  28. Your credit rating is dependent on several factors. One of them being your available credit. So don't cancel the credit card. Just throw it in a drawer and don't use it.

  29. There is nothing more satisfying than getting paid handsomely for the work you love. Congratulations!

  30. Unfortunately multiple other reports say no it didn’t. Including the driver.

  31. Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?

  32. I don't understand? What do BSB, Hanson, Spice Girls and Justin Bieber have to do with playing Queen?

  33. Americans need the right to call for a vote of no confidence on SC Justices. They go off the rails, we get a referendum to remove them from the bench.

  34. At one point they started taking call in requests but if the request was for anything other than KINO they would hang up and ignore them. If it was for KINO they would play it again.

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