1. I like how they chose Gambia over Senegal despite Senegal being drastically larger 😭

  2. Were you diagnosed based only on your fasting glucose? I was diagnosed based on my A1c number being in the prediabetic range.

  3. It was diagnosed based on my A1C and blood glucose, I've been using a glucose meter once every other month to keep track and based progress off of the fasting blood glucose. As for the A1C, it was 5.9% at the time. I think I need to get another blood work for my A1C just to make sure. And I'll definitely look into the hypoglycemia with my doctor.

  4. Ok so I am extremely out of the loop here but what is a TERF?

  5. Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. Basically women who believe that transwomen have no place in feminism because they are biologically male. Some get even more extreme and believe that they are making a mockery of women or pretending in order to predate over women in their own spaces, like the bathroom or spas.

  6. I agree completely. I'll admit I was being a bit hyperbolic, I meant to reflect how some believe ALL transwomen are trans with malicious intentions. And you're right that there needs to more nuance when dealing with issues as people pretending to be trans but there's no way of doing so without performative activists acting like you want trans people dead. It is kind of hard to foster an environment where people can share and debate ideals when everything is so tribal and every sentence is like walking on a minefield.

  7. Basement Boy when black people commit crimes like literally any other race.

  8. "Choice" as in the choice to be Muslim and everything that comes with it. Its not anything "illogical" as every religion has rules one must follow, otherwise it just becomes a culture which anyone can bend and change around to their liking.

  9. Gamerant really made a several paragraph article for an 11 second video 😭

  10. The sad part is that even if he was black, he'd most definitely be one of those self hating 15-17 year olds

  11. Don't modern satanists join as an atheist protest against Christianity? And they do things like, fake edgy rituals, and personify the devil as a chill misunderstood dude that will hold a massive metal orgy concert in Hell, like he has any control over it or something πŸ’€

  12. I am shocked anyone was persuaded by their ideology, especially this fundamentally flawed

  13. Well, not exactly. Atheism really just means you don't believe in God. It's not a non-belief or disbelief in God that makes you kill other people, it's political ideologies. Atheism says absolutely nothing about morals

  14. I believe its coming from a place of irony. As most antitheists conclude that religion is the reason for wars and conflict, (i.e. this post). But of course we both know that the ideology of religion or lack thereof isn't the cause of these conflicts, it's just the people who abuse it as a vector to justify their actions.

  15. Wasn't replacement theory was always part of racist American views since the Civil War? Fears of a certain group rising up and replacing them or ruining their "racial purity", like the fears against the Jews, Irish, Italians, and East Europeans.

  16. You know things are bad when they turn against their token black woman

  17. Candace Owens isn't a token black woman. To a certain extent she is a race grifter because IMHO as a black woman and centrist, she uses her race and the idea that black people aren't conservative/centrist (when most in the world actually are) to be relevant in American political commentary. Tokenism, IMHO, would be more exploitative and it's more like what liberals in the US do.

  18. Oh so tokenism is being the "black friend" that people use to excuse racism, without legitimately agreeing with said racism. Thanks for the clarification πŸ™. She's definitely more of a grifter than token. I remember she tried appealing to liberal ideas before her popularity and switching almost immediately to conservative ones.

  19. Most likely those that don't really care because they recognize it as an attempt to get a reaction out of them, like people nailing pig carcasses to masjid doors and stuff. Both are valid in my opinion. But I have a feeling some might be apologists, and I can't stand those kinds of people 😭

  20. Not a fan of Avatar, but even I'll admit its a cinematic masterpiece. Just the CGI alone can guarantee them breaking even if not profiting altogether.

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