This Redditor sold his daughter out for $100… He was begging for money stating his kids couldn’t buy shoes so I sent him $100 and he is smoking weed with it 🤦‍♂️

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  1. Hi! I've been diagnosed years ago, I'm glad you had an overall good experience on the TTT. Here are my work accommodations:

  2. I had no idea! She’s absolutely phenomenal! Edit to add: I love finding out celebrities have talents like this. I wish she would do a whole album with classical covers - I would buy it!

  3. She named her flute Sasha. It has its own Instagram page, sashabefluting.

  4. Do you think he targeted them because they were gay and black and he knew the cops wouldn't care as much? Or because that was the type of individual he encountered that he could easily prey on?

  5. Also immigrants, that one kid who escaped didn't speak English so they just believed Dahmer when he said the kid was his boyfriend. (Even though he was clearly injured and distressed.) I think you are correct about how he picked his victims.

  6. I read that he could speak English he just physically couldn’t speak because of the drugs.

  7. Thanks, I am still a bit hesitant because my mother says I'm overreacting, but I am definitely going to keep considering ! And I have a shower chair that I've been using and you're right, it's been a lifesaver since I like taking hot showers.

  8. My mother said I was overreacting when I was 17, and I said I thought I needed a cane. Guess who bought me my first one when I was 23 and she was tired of watching me suffer for years?

  9. OK and if I were to generalize like you men are overwhelmingly the bread winners that pay for the high costs of the food supplies, pay for the litter / vet appointments / medications which is just as much caretaking as being the one to fill the food bowl with the bought food or run a bowl of water under the faucet once a day. My girlfriend feeds the dog more undeniably but I pay for everything it does, if were using anecdotal stories like

  10. Lolol I am the breadwinner and primary household caretaker. It’s not fair but somebody has to pay the bills and do chores. And nowadays women contribute as much to household finances as men and still end up burdened with most of the household chores and caretaking responsibilities

  11. Hey, that was me too! Now I'm divorced with the dog. :)

  12. Salty snacks everywhere. Chug a Gatorade. Lie down with feet elevated.

  13. I weirdly get intense bp drop when I’m already lying down! (like when I feel lightheaded when standing up for long due to my orthostatic hypotension, I can recover in <30 mins by sitting or lying down). But sometimes I get intense shivering, ice cold hands & feet, malaise, weakness (with bp drop) when I’ve been lying down for a few hours. Still trying to figure out why :(

  14. If you go to bed or lie down to rest your speed to do that with your heart elevated above your heart. But if you've been standing and then feel dizzy then you lie down with your feet elevated. Don't know why it works, just know that I scoffed at the logic of it but feel better going to bed with my head up.

  15. Best case scenario they're an asshole parent who buys a bunch for themselves then surprise Pikachu face when they don't have the money for kids and actually did spend the money on shoes.

  16. Get a referral to a gastroenterologist! I have gastroparesis and have chronic nausea. You could try the gastroparesis diet and see if you feel better. It’s just low fiber, low fat 5-6 small meals per day. Do not lay down within an hour or two of eating. Also liquid meals are good. Ginger is also great for nausea. Ginger chews, ginger beer (stronger ginger ale, i get the brand reeds), Trader Joe’s has ginger juice powder. Also a few sniffs of rubbing alcohol will temporarily alleviate it. You aren’t alone.

  17. All of this. In addition what helped when it got so bad that I literally claw at my face I use a chronic pain and discomfort meditation on the Calm app. If you're a person who goes for that then mindfulness strategies help you cope.

  18. As someone who likes to add flair and humor to my own presentations, I have to ask - why deduct points for this? Does the inclusion of goofy pics correlate to his mastery of the content?

  19. I get it, sometimes when you're presenting you've got to be clear and academic; and sometimes you can be goofy.

  20. Don't leave concrete or cement on a pet's paws. It's caustic and can cause chemical burns. Rinse off with water or diluted vinegar.

  21. Yeah, I just stay in my classroom during those. There’s a handful of us that never go. School spirit is dead in my school anyway, so I don’t know why they still bother.

  22. I was at a school where these were optional for students so they needed teachers to volunteer to open their classrooms for nonparticipants. It was always just me and the kids with no school spirit who would rather play Pokémon. Ahhhh, those were the days...

  23. This one was annoying! The girl not the episode. What a mulva.

  24. I skip this episode she's so annoying. Can't stand the character.

  25. it's probably likely but not absolutely certain. In the New Zealand case, they weren't abused

  26. We don't know that for sure. Abuse was not looked at the same back then or heavily investigated, and if it was investigated it was the same way you would investigate a crime where the victim were a functioning adult. There's a lot of different types of traumas a family can inflict upon children that we just now are recognizing for their long-term effects.

  27. Am Catholic… Jesus shows both legs if you look behind that door there.

  28. Jesus is so scantily clad I'm sure his dad has been DMed by the complainer also.

  29. My mother took so long to get ready for events. I had a nightmare a tornado touched down and we died because my mother took forever to get ready and leave. Haha.

  30. Mine too! I'd be a kid and I'd wait by the door, then I'd get the keys then wait in the car, then the car would get too hot so I'd go back inside, and she'd still be doing...something honestly I don't know what. I'd get so mad.

  31. Yes the implication that men are disposable meat puppets to be utilized in the meat grinder of war is extremely offensive to women.

  32. You're being facetious but the male only draft is offensive to women and is anti-feminist in addition to being sexist and dangerous for men. As stated above, women can do many roles in the military and excluding them indicates they cannot. Trying to preserve a breeding pool does not help either as the other poster mentioned, as we've seen historically after particularly lethal wars such as the US Civil War and WWI in Europe when the population and birth rates went down as there weren't a lot of men and to my knowledge sex trafficking with the purpose of increasing the population of a nation is only a dystopian fiction. It benefits no one to see young men as disposable and women as brooding mares.

  33. The person filming is risking getting brutalized for posting this to the internet, which keeps getting cut off to intentionally suppress this information. That bravery is next level.

  34. It makes me feel like the babies are the true artists.

  35. Rise of Skywalker is legit the only Star Wars movie I will never watch ever again. It made me legitimately angry because it was inept in just about every way.

  36. I've mentioned before, but my father is a diehard Star Wars fan, saw the original in theaters a bunch of times in 77 and dragged our butts to the prequels. He even defends Phantom Menace.

  37. The small sediment that gets stirred up can take days to weeks to resettle. In the meantime it blocks sunlight and ends up choking reefs.

  38. I get the historical explanations, but I was always taught in school that "I" is a proper pronoun. While that is probably fabricated by a low budget public education system, it does make for a fun explanation. The basic principle is that you are naming yourself in the first person. Since we rarely refer to ourselves in the third person we capitalize our own personal pronoun.

  39. I tell students it's because "I am important." But for real, I'm not sure if it counts as a proper non or not, and I've been too lazy to Google it for 9 years.

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