1. "She is an Icon. She is a Legend. She is the moment" - Wendy Williams

  2. Lol at you being downvoted for completing the quote

  3. Those people that downvoted are obviously not gay

  4. Nancy AND Zimmer both better return if this is really true. But I’m not too optimistic since it’s The Sun.

  5. I don’t understand why people get so upset when she says something stupid? We watch these people for entertainment not moral guidance.

  6. Moral Guidice - new Teresa spin off only on Bravo.

  7. Ya'll are beating this term into the ground. It's not parasocial to think a film's portrayal of her is exploitative and misogynistic.

  8. Okay maybe not parasocial but it’s weird that people are acting like they know Marilyn as if she was their personal friend when most of the stuff they know comes from constantly repeated false myths.

  9. I haven't seen Blonde yet, but I get what you're saying. I'm very surprised by how much the Blonde discourse blew up and how inescapable it became even outside of film communities, as well as the intensity with which people responded to it. The week it came out I'd go to like

  10. Yeah exactly. I think most people haven’t seen the movie which just makes it that much more useless trying to actually have conversations about it.

  11. La La Land is a recent one for me. Yeah I'm one of those annoying people who's super into it (but not one of those people who are gonna yell at you over it...anymore :p)

  12. I do feel like La La Land does have a bit of Christmas-ness to it with the christmas time at the start of the movie. But for me anytime in a year is a La La Land time.

  13. I love the gay gaze that Mike White films the men in The White Lotus. It’s one of many things beautiful about this show.

  14. The whole list is pretty goddamn fantastic and full of amazing shows so seeing HS so high up makes me really happy. I really hope we see it on more lists by the end of the year.

  15. It’s giving Beverly Hills level of toxic the way these women (Gizelle, Robyn, Ashley, Charisse, Mia, her assistant) revel in making Candiace, Karen and Wendy uncomfortable. The way they were all smirking when Karen was in tears was diabolical.

  16. Yup. They tried previous night at dinner to come for Candiace but she cussed them out so the tried again next night.

  17. I dont know why Karen expects fealty from candiace when she didn't offer any to candiace.

  18. I genuinely just felt like Candiace wanted at least one other woman beside Wendy in her corner and that’s why she denied it all. But at the same time you’re right. Karen has been always awful to her and apparently wanted her off the show so..

  19. I’m glad she might get some good clout from this as ATJ did from the chess show.

  20. It wasn’t really the extended edition, but the ten year anniversary of Halcyon by Ellie Goulding didn’t have any new tracks 😔 it had the tracks that weren’t available in certain regions on it, sure, stuff of that era but not a thing new! Missed opportunity.

  21. To be fair isn’t the deluxe version of Halcyon Days like 30 songs already?

  22. Girl it’s not a FACT that Icesis “should’ve” won

  23. Thank you. I love her and they were competently made but I was bored by her outfits and I don’t think she should have been too 2. This judging is not as cut and clear as some wants it to be.

  24. Their chemistry even off the screen is insane. Season 2 is gonna be the death of me.

  25. It’s fine. It’s a typical bad Christmas tv movie movie but there are so many MUCH worse than this one. Also as much as I dislike her Kyle is pretty good in it.

  26. Same. I was overall more impressed by Silky and Victoria. Icesis and Rajah had both good garments but I was also bored by them.

  27. Good point. Meet Me In St. Louis would be another good choice for the list.

  28. She’s a good foil to Adrianna imo. We wouldn’t have the dumb Kanye drama without her.

  29. I really wish we stopped these glorified biopics for such problematic artists. I don’t care how talented she was.

  30. Everytime I see her on here I’m just expecting to see an obituary. I can’t help but feel this is where it’s going.

  31. This one made me really happy. It’s been one of my favorites for a few years now.

  32. Brooks has such a similar nasal voice as his mom, it's uncanny.

  33. The whole family does! Her sister sounds just like her.

  34. Idk. Tbh her white outfit didn’t really take me there like her first look did and her constructed look gave her season 2 chain dress but make it aquatic vibes. Her makeup was on freaking point though. So gorgeous.

  35. Same. I can’t say I was wowed by any of the outfits.

  36. Between this and the “Ben is a bad character so Bash doesn’t deserve to be spotlighted” discourse, I’m genuinely afraid of the critical thinking skills of parts of the fandom😬

  37. Not Chimamanda being anti-trans, everyone’s shit.

  38. She has been a TERF for a long while now. But now she’s saying that the freedom of books/expression/writing/something (???) is in peril because her friend has told her they bought a book WITH A TRIGGER WARNING!!

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